Sunday, 20 March 2011

Nothing on a Sunday!

Well I achieved very little today.. best laid plans of mice and men eh Slept in till 11am!!! I couldn't believe the time when I got up!!!! Biggles was already on his way home. Managed all but a quick tidy, breakfast, and food prep and long conversaqtion with my sister re future mum plans before he turned up around 2;30ish Hadn't even managed a shower!!! 

I have made a timetable re how to get the copious amounts of stuff I have to do this week done!

Roo returned at 5pm - hadn't been anywhere despite being late. She was OK a little subdued as ever. I would feel happier if I knew she was the focus of his weekend - or rather the kids were the focus of the adults weekend and not just additions to be sent to the garden to play while the smoking of fags and watching of telly takes place. This may change as I will have a lot of running around to do in the future and Roo has other family to see who may be living in Clackmannanshire which is not that far away from the northern reaches and also a grandmother in a care home in Ayr.

Cheapie chicken pasta bake was rather nice and will feed me again tomorrow.
cheap passata, pasta, chicken breasts, array of veg to hand,onions, garlic, mozzarella and cheese to top seasonings of choice - rather yummy and Biggles who is just a little fussy about anything with tomato in it  enjoyed it and looks forward to the next batch.

Interview tomorrow - job sounds grand but the pay is absolutely rubbish.   Have another application to complete for the 28th and the uni interview to prepare for. Ahhhhh I am juggling so many balls that related to plan b,c and d as well as trying to sell up. Plan A is a bit personal and rather a long shot so am keeping mum on that one.  

It would be nice to have just one goal to achieve at a time  (and I mean goal outside of the really important parenting stuff.)

Back to the grind - I will get my camera at some point!