Thursday, 10 May 2012

Household purchases ya boo but some Sainsburys bargains.

My iron is not heating. My fault most likely - well certainly. I have left it on. Not only a fire hazard but a pain in the but. Will I ever learn! Sigh. Also my shower attachment ( attached to the taps) decided to burst. Trip to Argos.  Value basics. under  £10.  I hate ironing and do very little of it so I see no point in an iron investment.  I was shocked at the price of the irons however! Who pays over £100 for an iron!!!! Unless you need a specialist one for  what reason/justification I cannot fathom!

Was close to sainsburys and decided to pop in. Was pleasantly surprised by being canny price wise it was fine. Lots of things cheaper than Morrison's or just the same. What was more expensive I saved in other areas. Good to know for when I need to purchase those cheaper items again. Stock Cubes for eg, bread - there is never any cheapo bread left at Morrisons.  Fruit was cheaper for basics apples and pears.  Other stuff around the same or less. Spinach bag - cheaper by 10p. best of all I got three packs of sainsburys pork sausages reduced to 49p each. Now languishing in my freezer.
Only spent £22.  Cooking bacon basics range looked much better than  Morrisons too and all for 99p.

Stocked cupboards. Meals planned for this weekend.
Thai curry
Lemon chicken
Chicken and bacon and veg lasagna.

Other meals - beans on toast and  bacon butties for lunch/brunch/breakfast  Will be able to make twice as much lasagna and freeze it. Also got some baking to do this weekend as well. Our low sugar choc cake mix with choc topping. Mmmmm

I have four tins of lentils. I was going to chuck them into curry but would prefer something else.Not sure what any ideas? I may repost this on its own.

Forgot Weeny has two parties this weekend. A softplay party then a fancy dress on Sunday. The Sunday party I can imbibe some toxic liquids so I hope its nice.

I have pressies in the cupboard - saved toys from Christmas.

Pine Cone research: I do online surveys and have so far this year made £18. Now in vouchers being saved for Crimbo.

Biggles back tomorrow. Can't wait. Want cuddles.