Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ahhhh the silence and some free cycle!!

Well after the boring changing of the bank accounts I picked up a freecycled small three drawer chest of drawers and hit Lidl! Only spent £25 but need to pick up yoghurt's and cat food, children's toothpaste and some fruit not a great deal of fruit apples maybe and whatever is cheap! - should get away with only spending £30 this week  Ahhhh bread flour - sold out at Lidl - Over a pound a bag at other stores so plumbed for the 99p stuff - only 1kg rather than the 1.5 bags but no choice. Will keep monitoring!!!! Roo is at the beach - I sent her off on her own for some fun am sure she Will be fine -very sensible three year old  - not really away with friends - mine not hers so I have enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee and some uninterrupted blog reading.  Have  admin for work work to do later so will be busy and bored senseless. I do hope I get some sort of other job/direction soon  this current post is sucking my soul away!!!!!!

The freecycle item was much like the ret of my furniture - nothing interesting all rather bland- all second hand hand and given to me/ free cycled. Its every where!! I have alot of that cheap mock pine effect stuff. None of it has cost me a bean however so I am not complaining. It has no character, personality - it is all bland and very plain but gives me somewhere to put the books, photos. I don't really have Nick knacks anymore they were deemed non essential during one of the my house moves and as such boot sold, gave to charity. I would love a dresser however to collect and display my own particular brand of crap!!!

One day maybe when I am resettled again.... shame I will say tarrah to the kitchen - excellent space and lots of room for a dresser.......... ho hum soon I hope