Monday, 14 March 2011

Netto - I have no control!!!

OK I resisted any Charity Shopping and had access to areas I hardly ever venture into!  However when killing time I popped into Netto ans have spent the princely sum of £10 ish on 8 pork steaks £3.50, two tins of pineapple juice ( 98p) Brown sugar 75p  bumper pack crisps 1.00 and large jar 200g of Dow Egbert's coffee 3.89 I think. Was there anything else....... Ok the Coffee aint my favoured gold blend but I am open to alternatives as the cheapest 200g jar is £4.50! I would have opted for GB for £4.00 but a 61p difference..... Think not!!!

The pork steaks were reduced by 50p - Each steak should have been 50p however with  the 50p off  43.7p per steak which I feel is quite acceptable!  I see sweet and sour pork on  the horizon this week at some point most def - sweet and sour  pork or pork in oyster sauce.

Easy tea - pizza, left over salad from Friday - waste not want not - last tiddly bits in a sandwich for lunch tomorrow - keep up the veg intake for health!!!

Eyes really sore so am off to give them a rest - have enjoyed catching up on all of your blogs and drooling over your finds!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good bargain hunting work!!!!!