Sunday, 8 September 2013

Catch up

Other than getting pissed with Jamie Oliver I've been busy. We are still off to Italy in December and yes this means wedlock.

Finishing up at work- I have things I want to have in place before I leave. I was there from the beginning and want to leave it in a good place.

Thinning out our houses- we are slowly going through stuff - recycling, selling and charity giving.  Have made approx £300 from selling out combined stuff via ebay and car boots.

We are waiting to see what sort of accommodation we will get. As ever last minute MOD. Apparently the order has gone in to NATO housing.  Girlie has a place at school.

We have lots of work to do on the man cave. Its Biggles job however. I refuse to get stressed about it. He has stuff upon stuff- man toys and lots of Niff naff. I could clear it in a day but he would get all pouty. Will dispose of the junk in Italy when we have a house together. mwah ha ha ha!

Small one and I went away for two nights over summer so she had a wee bit of a holiday.  We managed to do lots of free things as well as cheap things.

Wedding - we have outfits.Black and small one in lilac and black. I am reusing a mess dress and bought a bolero via ebay. Weeny has a fab dress also from Ebay for 3.50 lol plus P&P adn a black bolero. After short registry office wotsit we are going to the pub and then for a curry. May get our hair done together- small girl and I. This is it pretty much - a few flowers and done. We are selling our old gold to earn a few bob to put towards new rings. Nothing expensive or sill just rings that are simple and will last. We are both active and will batter any jewellery that we wear all the time.

Girlie is excited.

Other than that still frugalling away as much as if feasibly possible.  Soup getting stocked up in the fridge, fruit also frozen etc

Trying to lose a few pounds to an a bit more svelte for the nuptials.

Much love and all that.