Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Appraisal at work....

Went swimmingly ! Am happy mostly that I stayed a bit of doubt as I would live to be a podiatrist and study again but overall happy. The house situation will always be a nagging point. The area OK but not the same as my last one, house is small, I don't own it etc etc no investment but I can't change that at all.

A teenager to add to the familyfor a week!

Yes have the teenage wanna be vet staying with me and working at the mini zoo at the Land based industries campus of the college I work at. It has taken the off the sharp edge  of Biggles returning to work in London for both Weeny and Myself and the big gaping hole of no olympics!!! We are very much enjoying her company.

We have meal planned for teas and lunches - All three of us require a lunch and tea now that Weeny has moved to a big girls holiday club not day care anymore. It is going really well  for Weeny too. I was worried abou the transition but so far so good!

Our meal plan has been:

Monday - Pizza and Salad - leftovers for lunch for me on Tuesday
Weeny likes to create her own pizza using the 60p margarita savers pizza. We add sweetcorn, cheese, onion, pepper, mushroom
Tuesday - Mild Curry with chicken and veg- leftovers for lunch for me on Wednesday
Wednesday - Quorn sausages, left over salad, beans and chips.
Thursday - Mini turkey roll roast with spuds and broccoli/carrots and gravy (only 2.50 for a turkey roll thing)
Friday - Spaghetti Bol for the four of us Bol always has added veg - chopped carrots and peppers
Saturday - Hmm undecided yet - something with chips or maybe fajitas as it will be a shopping day.
Sunday - late big breakfast - eggy bread and bacon

They  have survived with Ham and Tuna Sandwiches for lunch with fruit and snacks. Weeny takes a full round of sandwiches, mini yogurt, apple, satsuma thing, grapes, carrot sticks, small packet of savers crisps or snack and a choc biccie each day and eats it all.  Well may be 1/2 - 3/4 of the apple.

I buy alot of fresh veg and fruit so try to use it up in any way I can - lunches are heavily laden with fruit. ice cream is always served with fruit ( fresh chopped)

We had a treat and went to the cinema last night to see Brave. its cheap night and there are big saving to be had. Also I have found out that if you apply for a members club online you can save a further 25% on all tickets regardless of the day. Next time eh!!!
A friend advised me. She had gone with her son to see the Bourne film and only paid 3.50 or so each. Also when you collect enough points you can get in for free. We don't go a lot but the savings even on the odd visit make it work it.  Ooops costs 90p to join.

Brave was very good but a bit dark inplaces for Weeny who got upset about the bear being hurt. We took our own food to eat. Cheap crisps and choc. I made curry the night before as I knew we would have a late night.

Friday I am off work but doing a visit to a stables for which I will get toil and take weeny then we will go to the Zoo. I do not intend on paying put it that way lol. Staff freebie???? I shall be on work business!

Open to the public at weekends from March to october and in the school holidays.

The manor house - Kirkley Hall Available for weddings and conferances  too!

Just some of the many critters at the Zoo and its much cheaper than its rivals!

Visit in the morning is in the lovely town of Hexham. Northumberland is a huge county and as I live in the North, work in the central south east and the rural bit of Ponteland I don't get there very often and have some travel paid to go there.

Hexham is a lovely market town!

The only bit is that it is more expensive to get to work each day and one day I had to do an extra 30 miles on top of the excess due to having to go to the other campus which is 15 miles away. As I am choosing to base myself at not my normal  place of work I can't claim the difference or extra journey. But tomorrow anything over and above is claimed ( Ponteland to Hexham and back) as is the two/three  hours toil it will take to travel and do the job.