Monday, 18 April 2011

Tired tired tired but all very happy

 Had a lovely Friday after shopping - ate and watched Mr Potter. Biggles had his tap dancing gear ( No 5's) on as he had a work do in the hofficers mess .So all gold lame off he went to dine in as they say! I think he looks like a Las Vegas bell hop. He sometimes tap dances and does jazz hands just for me!!!!  No one at work knows this. He would never live it down. His sense of humour for han hofficer is rather good. He doesn't take himself too seriously which is pretty rare for his breed!! And how else could he put up with an old hippie like me lol

We three set off for Sheffield around ten. Had a jolly nice journey down just chatting, singing songs including football songs. He went to the football  with Mr Mother Biggles and Mother Biggles and Weeny girl and I hit Meadow Hall. Biggles sent me off with orders to purchase nice things for the weeny one and twenty quid to boot. Ah bless.  Mother Biggles was impressed with what she referred to as spends! ( She is an older fashioned lady who expects to be a little pampered by the chaps- Mother Biggles also spoilt her as did Auntie Biggles  - Biggles sister who we met at Meadow Hall. They trotted off together - Weeny one without as much of a backwards glance. Aunty Biggles has three older children and Weeny girl was keen to go and see youngest niece Biggles who is ten. I can remember at that age thinking that ten year olds were very glamorous and the bees knees!!! This meant Mother B and I got to shop. We hit Primarni - ok for kiddies stuff. It won't last a season but then again it doesn't need to.  Silly clothes purchased, sandals, trainers with flashing lights and sunglasses. I really wouldn't purchase these things but let other people indulge if they want to. I did manage to grab a valance for the new comfy bed.

Mother Biggles likes to shop so I indulge her girly passions. I never ever need nor can I think of anything worse than going on my own to a place like Meadow Hall or the Metro Centre. Biggles knows this but is very appreciative.

Time spent in the garden, made Easter cards, decorated eggs, also scored for some of MB's old clothes. She is not your typical 65 year old which is excellent.  Per Una never worn night dress too short for MB she felt, as well as shoes that pinch her feet - some vest tops never worn and some sleep shorts - red check with a red vest - all good in my book!!!  Lucky me.

Other than that over spent but had fun. Now off to bath weeny one and get ready for work. Hope you are all well too!!!! Biggles Happy - his team won and we got to chill out so all good. Great curry and excellent Sundays Dinner to boot!!!!