Saturday, 15 October 2011

One of the days activities - the one we will be going to!!!

Saturday 29th Event in Market Place 6pm - 8pm ( cut and pasted)
Best Witch Competition in Market Place
Toffee Apples, Roast Chestnuts, Roast Sand-Witches! Hot Dogs (or Cats!!) Hot Doughnuts.
Ghost Walks for families and later for adults.... - "click for details" ( this is pricey so will not indulge)
Ghost Bus - Saturday to do tours around the town pick up next to Market Place 5.30pm - 6pm, 6.30pm, 7pm, 7.30pm. (Times and fares to be confirmed)
Craft Fair all day in Northumberland Hall between 10.30am and 5.30pm

Barter Books - Saturday 4.30pm to 5.30pm Spooky Stories for under 10yr's. Tickets only, (free!) available from Barter Books Tel. 01665 604888 website

Not a bad journey to drop off Weeny when I pass this every day just the rest of the A1 that stinks!

Mid October!

Spent the day after swimming sorting through cupboards - we have the enviro clothes pile, the car boot pile and the eBay pile.  I have also looked out gold to sell.

I have given Weeny's cot to a friend I could have sold it but it meant alot to me so I gave it to someone who would appreciate it.

I have £15 in survey  vouchers put to one side.  Hopefully these  combined with the selling endeavours should cover Christmas for weeny girl. I shall not be purchasing anything other than for weeny for Christmas. I shall not be sending cards or presents to anyone. Tough boobies! Others should understand that there will be no coffers left over after moving and I will not do unnecessary debt.

Putting hopes and dreams to rest and its ok..... Not just the financial ones but the personal also. Clearing out stuff like cots today was not as bad as I thought it would be. Time is up for me. Weeny is my only focus now.


We looked out our ghosty stuff. Alnwick has some activities on over Halloween weekend - spooky bus rides on an old dreadnought bus around the town, t(he castle and town can be rather spooky), stories in Barter Books - a massive second hand book shop in the old disused station and a competition for best witch and wizard in the market square. We had a trial run to day with the outfits which inspired weeny to watch Shrek 3 ( has lots of witches in it) and Harry Potter 1.  She wanted to sleep in her witch outfit.. ahhhhh bless.  All the activities we are doing are free btw which is ace.

We had curry - homemade and left enough to freeze for mummy's lunch next week. The thermostat is showing 16.5 degrees,Heating is set for 15 which I think is a little high.  Only when it drops below 13 degrees do I feel can I justify heating. Both of us manage fine with blankets and cardies at the moment.

We also harvested our paltry carrot crop  - rubbish but fun to exhume!!

Biggles doing a 22 mile walk with some military buddies  dressed as a woman,  all for charity. He will spend the weekend very very inebriated. Been a bit distant from B recently. Am finding it difficult to see a future... maybe this will pass.  I just do not  see a time when we can be together or when I will have the funds to be able to visit him. He will be away for minimum of two years then who knows where. I need to make my debt a priority then look at ways to become more financially secure for weeny..... I don't see how 'we' him and I fit into each others life plan anymore long term. Sigh hopefully this will pass. Weeny adores him. She will miss him terribly when he goes to London and I really don't know how I would handle it with her if he was not going to be part of our lives anymore.

Not making decisions just struggling with 'us' at the moment, what that means given me being absolutely totally 100% broke for the foreseeable future.  He knows something is up - I turned down the walk today( civvies allowed)  and also  have made excuses about him staying over when he normally would have. Needed some thinking time.

Que ser whatsits eh!