Monday, 30 April 2012

Hair Dye for £1

Yes the pound shop! Sheffield I am afraid.  However if I see it I shall stock up!! Dark brown - all fine. No issues. I was a little septical so only bought one  but its fine. It was non branded - pro colour or something. My hair has not fallen out so am good to go next time I see them.

I also bought some blusher and it works fine as well. Stayed on all day, good colour can't complain for £1.

Am pondering the podiatry. I like the idea that I will be finished and earning again by 42. I also like the idea of cheaper houses in County Durham for eg or other place of the same priceish though I don't think you get much cheaper.

If I am offered a place I think I may do my utmost to be able to take it. Minimal rations and lifestyle  from the point of being successful - that's if I am of course. Nervous -- err yes.

Also tit head claimed I got the weekend wrong this weekend which upset small girl immensely. I had text to ask about keeping her this weekend as a friend needed someone to look after her daughter who is good chums with Small girl. He said no as he wanted to see Small girl. He is a prat and not very bright or rather he is not very interested in any aspect of Small girls life when she is not with him.  She lets me know little things like he won't let her climb trees, some climbing frames as she is too small he feels which frustrates small one greatly. I am much more relaxed about this as long as I am there.  He wants her this weekend. We have booked or rather Biggles has booked a train ticket for us to go to Sheffield on Friday and travel back with him on Saturday. Small girl is to be dropped off on our way home which won't be till 9pmish. We are at the wedding on Sunday. i had arranged for a sitter  form 1-12 pm - long time but makes it worth someones while given that it is bank hols weekend and also a Sunday.

Ho Hum we shall see what is what.

Hair still a bargain. Look out for it if you are of a dark brown hair dye persuasion.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

OOO new blogger dashboard!  I'll play around.

Update - poor, and two weeks till W day. ( That's wedding day btw! I am practising my '' you must be very proud smile'' I am awaiting a large car bill.

I have an interview for podiatry degree.

Did I mention I was successful on the PGCE interview????  Went well and I have a place.

Hmmm not sure what to do. I really cannot afford to move this year and commit to a course and either one year or three years of student poverty! Well not afford to run a car as well and pay off my debts.

The small debts are currently standing at about 700 not including the Biggles car loan.

My meagre savings are practically nil! I am also concerned as

PGCE will cost me 15k in debt for 9 months - loan, tuition fee etc
Podiatry will mean 3yrs of not paying a pension and no savings but no debt

I also need to save 5k for a house deposit. County Durham has some very cheap houses in not terrible areas though not my current town's standards lol It being voted one of the best places to live in UK a while ago!

Ho hum I will decide at a later date. I can move in quick smart time If I have to.  Give me six weeks and I can have it sorted.

Work is going well.  Yoof are great. I still do not have a bedroom carpet. I shall wait for freecycle,

The small girl is growing and is fabulous.

We have had several adventures courtesy of the Biggles since my last update

London - weekend before Easter when we had lovely lovely weather
Scotland - Easter with my sister and a night in a cheap hotel in Fort William sans small one who was well taken care of by the auntie
Sheffield  - visit to mother Biggles.

Small girl visits the Sperm Donor this weekend. We will see how well the hand over goes. I may keep her if she cries.  She was devastated saying goobye to Biggles on Sunday when we left Sheffield. Proper tears and howling. He was really upset as well.

Parent teacher meeting !  All grand .  Teacher feels she does marvellously well considering she  spends most of her day in day care! I suppose this is comforting.  Coming along nicely. I go to look after her learning journal. On reading small one had got her teacher to write  I love mummy and Biggles very very much on a picture she had drawn. ( She doesn't call him Biggles but his real name)

Horrible Histories: I love this!!!! Will be much like the wedding I go to in a fortnight . Yes there will be uniforms and a sword arch. Biggles in number  fives or whatever they are so at least I will have eye candy!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Blog - living on a dot!

Interesting blog - living on a remote pacific island

Easter and wanderings and a mental descent.

Am busy once again - or rather have been. Toodled off to London and had a lovely time with B. We came back for two days then we were off againt to visit my family in Clackmananshire ( may be two n's hmm) over Easter. B and I managed an evening away sans small girl. Off we went to Fort William for the night - cheap hotel overlooking loch - some steak in Fort William itself and beers.  Back via Glen Coe the following day to spend time with family. All rather lovely. We came back to Northumberland on Monday and B has left to go to London till Friday.

We are skint - both of us. The car continues to require work, I paid some bills etc etc so auterity it is till the end of the month.

I have looked out lots to ebay - mostly clothes that are in good nick that are too small for me these days.

I shall do this for a few extra pennies when I get my phone upgrade. I am without camera. I can up grade next week so expect some pics soon.

On a person level I  have a bad case of the holiday blues ...I hope its the holiday blues. I am doing that life thing reflection thing which I shouldn't as I compare the real with the wanted and I have bottomed out on all accounts.

Am not sure how I want to change my life for the better now or what I should do - its very murky, financially as well as morally - whats best for small girl etc may not be what I want and she does take precedence.

Sigh..... one thing being different may have helped only one I don't expect to get everything I wanted when I was younger and thought about life goals/ ( They were never that grand anyway to be honest ).  I get into that circle of well you made a complete mess of it and just go round and round.   Bugger. DID I forget my meds??? I don't think so. Maybe I need stronger ones.

Lost money
Debt ( ok am paying them off slowly but have had to borrow money form friends and family to keep nasty creditors away after redundancy and negative equity)
no savings
no career to speak of - I am nearly 40 and want to be settled work wise instead I am considering retraining  and more debt, stress, relocating etc
I have missed bringing up my daughter by working full time since she was 8 months old and it has all been for nothing. I have nothing to show for those sacrificed years. She will be my only child and I am bitter about this.
It is unlikely that I will ever own property and as such no investment and -no early payment of mortgage and as such no early downsizing, no possibiity of living without mortgage or rent etc etc etc

I may change my blog back to existence.

Yah boo sucks have that sodding wedding at the end of the month as well. What a waste of money when people are starving in other countries. It is a rather large very formal wedding with a marquee and everything shipped in including catering etc etc etc  OMFG how much!!!!

I dread to think.

Anyhoo I may feign illness...............:-P