Saturday, 21 July 2012

The £1 rail got me and other stories!

Well after our swimming ventures I had to get some plastic strimmer stuff ( £7.99), pop to the bank and had promised Weeny a treat. Biggles had a date with a meter reader. As he has mothballed his house they are suspicious  of the low meter readings.

After our £5 breakfast treat for two ( Weeny and I - It was extravagant but she loves it so!) I got sucked in by the  reduced rail and the £1rail in the RSPCA shop and Cancer Research respectively.

Well for a £1!! I snaffled work trousers - black, long sleeved under shirt thing - the sort that turns spring and summer clothes into winter/autumn to wear under stuff , pair of jeans - lighter shades but good for summer, flowery shirt- not so much me but hey ho ( £4) and a t shirt and dress 5-6 for weeny Both pink funnily enough! (£2)!!!  I also nabbed a brand new work jumper top thing for £1.95.

In addition I also needed a lint roller thing (£2) and indulged in lollipop freezer shape things(£1) and five packs of sweeties for a pound. (£1) and Biggles  Valentines pressie ( The bad taste one) £1.50!

So an expensive morning!  £27.50 gone before 1pm!!! Some investments though esp the clothes.

As summer hols are looming and new holiday care requires a packed lunch I put in an approved foods order  for flavoured water, biscuits/sweet things as well as other useful and super cheap bits.

So its been spend spend spend here! But was nice!!!

Biggles and I attacked the Jungle that was the back garden. After the rain and a few weekends away to say it was overgrown was an understatement. Only took us two hours to hack at the foliage and grass. Looking  much neater but I have an infestation of some sort of horrible weed that  sends out creepers then implants a bit of inself further from the main plant.... and it is starting to invade the  grass. Comes up easily enough but its very annoying.

For those with green fingers what can I do about this nasty???? Other than a good dose of chemicals??? Or whats the kindest chemical stuff to buy???

We had bolognese for tea - a small portion of mince with added veg does us fine and with garlic bread there is always enough left over to fill one of my lunch time pots.

Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese with bacon tomorrow.

Biggles has two more man jobs tomorrow - fixing a bike and putting on my wheel trim. Ahh bless and he comes home for a rest!