Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nearly there but not quite- grump and grump and swear.

Double drat and blast.  Got the positive line a wee literally a wee! while ago but it wasn't meant to be. Again so close to the fairy tale but not everyone gets the super happy ending. The bugger is we had got it into our head that kids were not to be and this was just a bit of a shitty thing to happen considering we had done the long talk and the making decisions and what. Seriously looking at postings abroad and considering all the palarva that goes with it. Having a sprogglet would have been the icing on the cake. For an instant we had a peek at the happy fairytale ending. Fate and G-d, the  destiny fairies, whoever it is - is a real git and needs a good kicking. Kind of thought it likely given the statistics for peeps my age  nearly 40 but you can always hope... Sigh.

We were both doing well and working out the future. Poor Biggles.

Sod it sod it sod it. What a bollox! It was early and we only really knew for a few days but it makes me grumpy as  pissed off as a pissed off thing in a pissed off thing competition.

Onwards as ever. A grumpy sour puss Eeek who is more angry than upset funnily enough. What was the sodding point!!!!!

yes am sitting on a huge feck off pity pott with a a huge club in my hand swinging it angrily at annoying type flies who dare piss me off.  Patience - not alot of it about at the moment but a darkly sick sense of humour which I  will excercise while watching Don't tell the Bride and pitying the sad sad ( mostly) folk who think their world can be made perfect by the perfect look at me look at me day that costs loads of money and is all about stuff not meaning. Silly silly people.