Monday, 27 June 2011

Still around!!!

Have been a busy bee - since camping! Car boot sale - profit of £32 - to go towards Weeny Girls new photos - taken at school  £20 for the sitting and £20 for 5 prints. I am eagerly awaiting the end of the month!!!!  Pah the lap top charger and battery need replacing! Poo this will be a few quid - £42 to be precise.  After this we have the dentist's and I need to arrange for Biggles payment plan.

Sigh.... financial mire!!!!

Will start saving/buying for Christmas.... in August maybe..... 
September I have car tax and in October I will have to renew my car insurance..... booo and also look for another credit card at 0% interest.   The plan to pay off the balance has gone awry due to other more pressing  turns of events.  Oh and I have the dentist to pay for in July - June pay packet!  I owe £16 and will have another £16 to pay at least so £32- 3 may be its £16.50 not sure.

The christian budget people didn't really have an answer for unexpected events.... And gone are the days when I could save properly. Oh well....

Next time I am passing enviro clothes I have a few bags to throw in too. Need to get to grips with Ebay.

I enjoyed the de cluttering and may continue with the quest. very cathartic!!!

Had fun with the Weeny girls other parent. He rang to ask if she still wore nappies at night as she wouldn't put her pull ups on and was adamant she was not a baby and did not need a nappy. I said it had been nearly two years since she wore a nappy at night. Oh said he. HE has been putting pull up pants on her since forever..... I have told him that she is potty trained. Sigh..... He still insists on asking for the buggy as well.

It was his weekend this weekend - I  text to say I wanted to keep Jess till four then bring her round. He said he was looking forward to doing normal things with her and misses her. I said tough. As I thought his normal things meant leaving her at his sisters while he done some work - carpenter joiner stuff.  I have told him that I won't be dropping her off unless he is not working as I spend precious little time with her as it is. Weekdays do not count! We are up and out of the house then in fed, bathed and bed- or asleep on the sofa before bath time as was the case this evening.

Biggles was out wearing his number 5's ( a bit bell hop with gold lame' if you ask me) on Friday getting drunk in military stylee -mess event enlisted only (I cannot be arsed with ladies events or balls - have dresses but its all a bit poncey for me- pref  a pint in a comfy pub) They barbecued a piano - old upright thing. He was very proud. I yawned. Superiors, juniors - all officers burning a piano outside as a jolly jape. posh uniforms now stinking of smoke. I have much to say but shall remain tight lipped.  Spose its that bonding thing Yawn!!!

I got really burnt = farmers tan, while booting.  Have also invested in skin care from Aldi  and am surprisingly happy with it. Not that I used posh cream before this - not at all . Its very nice and my skin appears fine so far.

Will work on pics if the charger lets me.... it is balancing precariously keeping its little recharge light on.... I cannot guarantee I can get it back once it goes...... fingers crossed

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

nearly up to 10GB

Due to the above I have less than 3GB left this month andhave no desire to pay BT an  extra £5 so am using the interweb sparingly. I do not know what I have used mearly all of my GB on so far this month..... Will update asap after 30th June Grrr Thats when I think my new monthly allowance starts. I haven't downloaded anything!!! Must investigate.

Ullswater fab- I loves Camping I do. Plans for more adventures and lots of pictures.

Much lurve!!!!  Blessings on this wonderful solstice.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Guess who got the Fathers Day Card.....

I have a naff one up and up boss - senior level not direct boss who is fab. Really silly chap and very sneaky. likes to use big silly words -sometimes out of context and just for effect. He is infuriating and the source of much stress to all. Sigh on the up side its great working at the land based industries campus - agricultural college type out in the kind of sticks!!!  Appears more remote than it is!! Lots of lambs abound in the fields lining the drive which is very pleasant.

Other than that - tried the sun dried tomato ladder bread yesterday - oh delicious and went well with the pizza we had.  Left overs for today's lunch! Popped to a friends after work with weeny girl so that we could have a brief catch up then home for quick tea and bed.  Biggles called round - 8pm ish. Weeny still up.

At nursery they were making fathers day cards. She decided at nursery that her card was for Biggles....  for Fathers day. SHE decided. I have no influence on this.  Funny - Her choice says a great deal.  The nursery workers explained that it was her choice and as they know I am single mum with a long term relationship also found it a bit amusing.  Biggles was most touched by weeny's gesture... something he didn't think he would ever receive/experience.
Bless them both.  Yes we are trying to extend the pack but being 1.5 years off 40 ...its not so easy.

Ho hum Camping prep tomorrow night before the big trip!!!  Dead excited. We have trialed the tent!!! All equipment present and correct just need clothes to pack and some gas

See soon!!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday monday...Caterpillar decimation!! Help!!!

Back to Monday - and we are in bed for 8.30pm. I cannot get madam to bed much earlier. Given that we need to be up early this is pants for her. By the time we get in its often getting  towards seven oclock. Tea, a few chores, Scooby Doo and bath and its after eight already...  She is in my bed tonight as we were super late and she wanted mummy time. Biggles on lates so we are  back to our own houses till camping on Friday.

Nabbed some bargains and purchased this weeks shop with extras for £30.

Best bits were the yellow stickered cut price bargains. When we shop after work  its late. I pick up weeny girl at nearly 6pm so quick food is purchased for tea. This week we got mini burgers 6 for 35p, a deli Italian meal thing to make for 35p  - chicken, fresh pasta, rocket, cherry toms and pesto sauce -  followed by strawbs, kiwi. The left over pasta is tomorrows lunch. Got some flat breads flavoured with sun dried toms as well for 29p each and garlic bread  - all for the freezer.

My red currant bush ( edible) is being decimated by tiny caterpillars. Do any budding gardeners or fully fledged gardeners know what I can do about the little buggers?? preferably something non chemical but at a push.... I do love my redcurrants, They make lovely sauce and fab sorbet!!

Laters - Glee is on and I have a penchant for  Puck ( toy boy !)

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Have some questions and am courting opinions of the frugal!!!

What are people doing re the utilities price hike forecast for September!  are we changing now or biding out time!!!

Quidco-  How does it work?? I got a phone call from aviva sourced from the quidco site  and have gone with this option. How do the other other bits work re cashback etc etc

Can anyone recommend survey sites??? I have pine cone ( thank you Sharon mac) any others out there worth your time. I am registered for ipsos access panels?? Anyone heard of them???


Much appreciated!!1


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Viewers Ahoy!!

And hello to folks viewing anonymously - tis only polite afterall andI can tell by the view counter thing.

Enjoy the weekend!!

Another pants thing!!! and any Info on Quidco!!!

Parking ticket- ten mins over in the rain while I ran some errands. Another £30 to add to the £60 fine. yah boo sucks.

I have picked up some perennials for the garden from free cycle - as soon as it stops raining I am up for some hard labour. Loads of them I will have loads of flowers in my garden and lovely green plants and foliage! 

Have collected recorded post from Royal Mail, got forms to get tax back, and picked up veg for tonights hot Thai Curry!!! I have also deactivated Facebook. Will pop by from time to time but not in the mood for FB at the moment. Can't say anything nice so shall not say anything at all.

Weeny girl at Fathers. He picked her up this morning and will drop her back tomorrow.  He does not have a car at the moment. hasn't had one for a year only his work van. he is also feeling the pinch being a self employed joiner with own business.

I noticed car shopping that there are lots of larger cars about. Also the charity shops are most def busier than normal.  Sign of the times I feel.  Small cars and second hand is the way forward for not just us frugallers - in fact frugallism must be getting more popular. Freecycle seems busier as well.

Have you noticed anything????  Def more value products taken off the shelves in the supermarket.

 Every room in the house is a tip. I have much to do. BT vision box requires a clean up as well.
I feel a wardrobe reshuffle coming on as well. I need to get car boot and ebay stuffs ready. Am going to need it.

Hopefully will still get to the water of Ull at the weekend. ( Ullswater)  Glenridding or Sykeside as they are near a pub!!! A few beers may be in order on Friday night I think.

I have renewed my life insurance via quidco. What happens re cashback and such????? Does any one know?? I used aviva and got same policy for Twenty quid less.

More cookies on the go for Biggles as a thankyou for being Mr Wonderful.  Don't make many like him - I think its his mothers doing and also fine Yorkshire upbringing with a bit of military thrown in for good measure.

Bought another duvet for weeny girls bed - gets abit cold in winter - only 2.99, new work clothes - new to me anyway - size 16 to be comfy as am getting porky, a black mac style coat  and a suitcase for weekends.

I had a spend to cheer self up then ha went over parking time. Bloody expensive so far!!!

Last Weekend's Pics

 Cookies - more frozen dough for this weekend!
 View from Seahouses beach to Bamburgh
 Rather vibrant weeds on the cliffs!
Not bad for a mobile phone camera me thinks!

 Heading down to the shore

Skimming stones - madam had to take her leggins off for a plodge - She is a northern british child and as such is more than capable of taking the chill of the north seas for a wee bit - loves it!! lol Proper british chidhood in the summer!!!

And the obligatory ice cream!!!!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Big pile of you know what!!!!

I crashed my car. Write off.  Don't ask! I have three points, a fine and injured pride. Everyone ok however. One of those things. PISH PISH PISH. I paid for early MOT, and recently the exhaust - 189 and 161 and tax which I will get back at least Oh and there was 1/2 a tank of fuel left so about 25 quid.  I have now purchased a car for 2k ( Fiat 03 Reg good mileage 30k on the clock) and paid 130 extra insurance.  

My frugal plan has gone down the swanney. Thankfully no one hurt. Weeny likes the new car which is blue.
Biggles has been fabulous - he rescued me and has lent me 1k interest free

I will update tomorrow in more detail. I am really tired.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Well well well.....Weekend stuff

I have been a lazy blogger!!!  But little has occurred this week other than the usual work type stuff. Biggles off work - on leave all of next week so the house is full and meals are planned.

This weekend we three went on a tent hunt. I have a large stand up tent which is a pain to pitch especially for one person. I may have to pitch in my own initially - not sure of timings. The plan is that I do West coast - see mum then travel down and Biggles will meet me at Ullswater. He will take his bike if its nice weather - he is hoping so very much. Weeny girl is very excited ans wants to go today!!! Lets hope the weather is better.

We have a four man tunnel tent - purchased between us. Smaller - warmer, easier to pitch and not a comfort tent. My previous was purchased to pacify an ex who was not a camper.  A massive tent and you might as well get a caravan.

We have it in blue and had a challenge to fine the cheapest  on the internet. I lost. Biggles invoking the Yorkshire man's skill in not wanting t'part wit money found said tent for £69.99 delivery  £4.95 with a free gift to boot  ands a useful one - gas burner with gas canister.   Most excellent.  Well done the yorkshireman!!!

We went to a few tent shops which weeny loved as she got to crawl inside big tents little tents etc etc ones inside..... We also went for ice cream at Morwick. Morwick is a dairy farm that produces its own fabulous ice cream in a variety of flavours and also has a small play park. Bloody cold however!!!

Home for Green Thai curry - Weeny girl loves Green Thai Curry - I make a creamier version for her. Doctor Who and Kill Bill vol 2.

Today we are waiting .......... for it to stop raining so we can go to Seahouses for a walk along the beach and some fish and chips.  We had a late breakfast of  sausages and eggs. I managed to tidy the shed and give the camping equipment the once over.

Biggles watching moto gp  upstairs, Downstairs Weeny girl is watching Mama Mia. Its a lot of fun really We may if there is time make Choc chip cookies using Jacqui at the interrupted gardeners recipe!!. If we do we will up date with pics.

Ho hum nearly Monday again.................sigh