Thursday, 15 September 2011

Gas estimate!

ha I gave a gas reading a while ago when I was supposed to be registered for dual fuel. I am not. I received a bill today - estimated. Gas estimation: 000058. Actual 00008. Ha - I do not own the forty odd quid they want/estimated my use as.

Shall rig them tomorrow with my tiny reading and an elec one. Use minimal utilities. heating will only come on if it goes below 15degrees. We are jumper wearers and go to bed early- all together to save money and watch TV in bed! Its cosy! You use one room at a time - go figure!

I shall investigate price deals as well. Any recommendations?

Other than that have not heard from twat creature regarding access and picking up at the weekend. If I have not heard by 9am Sat I am off to visit my sister. I shall purchase cheap petrol and drive to Stirlingshire ( Scotchlanders)

We spent an hour at the beach today. It was lovely - the sea had breakers and the tide was coming in . I am teaching weeny to have mucho respect for the sea. We created a beach art octopus from shells and seaweed and beach detritus!  Explored sand dunes, hunted for a bear and found a rabbit hole. Making the best of the light still available in the evenings. Though with a torch it would be really exciting trip!!  methinks - in good weather of course sans wind being the main priority!

I hope he does not get in touch and plays arse wipe stubborn git I am not picking up my daughter as its a responsibility that should be shared. Yeah and all the others like wiping of brows, taking time off work when ill, taking on holiday, broadening horizons, swimming etc thats all my responsibility. Fecker that he is.

Options for the future on sale of brick and mortar

1. Move to scotchland - closer to family but difficult for B to get home at weekends, less work for me in the area - they have funny systems in scotchland and are a bit picky
2. Move to Sheffield - closer to family, easier for B, central, more work available for me
3. London - hmmm not sure it would be very temporary ( 1 yr) though not a bad thing, but by the time we got there it would be time to move again and would necessitate doing marriage paperwork which neither of us want to do again - we are happy without it and don't want to spoil things but B's job dictates.... Grrrr Australian RAF are much more forward thinking!NO need for paperwork!
4. County Durham - PGCE course - optional not guaranteed, one friend and her husband in the vicinity.

Maybe buy a house in Sheffield - rent it out, live at B's till I move to County Durham for PGCE and rent there....... not at all the first option, the one we really want but we have to be practical and what we want may not happen ever not so far anyway so as an alternative what do we do......especially thinking about family., finances, Weeny...................

Hey ho - fingers crossed arse wipe doesn't bother ........ I hope so much he doesn't bother though that's not nice for weeny. I have churning just thinking about him. Errr YUK