Tuesday, 11 October 2011

coming to terms with the fact I am in the financial mire and shall never recover.

Doing my sums - looking at rentals, social housing etc etc  Reason being .. I have had an offer eon the house. 84k.  The estate agent is aware the least I can take without being left with debt is 86763.90. This means I will still have to pay for my moving costs/solicitors. Hey when you are out of pocket by 15k then its small fry.

I cannot take 84k. I wil lthen owe the best part of 3k on top of my other debts.

I wait with baited breath - I can do £86  just. adding to my deficit by 763.90. Estate agent are shite - they know my limits and are encouraging me to take the 85k ( increased by 1kby vendors)

I shall never have another property - no deposit. All gone. I will not be able to return to uni to retrain - no money. I will not be able to consider term time working - minimal mothering.

Great eh ! Applying for housing associations and the council just in case they decide to take the 86k

Debt - great!  I thought you were supposed to  have something to show for your excesses. If I did it would be a sweeter taste left after the bitter pill.