Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Some frugal finds and some financial meanderings...

Ok couldn't resist! More clothes for the future - for the weeny beautiful one who has been unceremoniously put to bed due to bad behaviour. 99p for a dress!  Blue, floaty, embroidered bits also in blue - size 3yrs.
I actually spent 9.42 or something like that - She who shall not be named snuck in a cuddly puppy thing as well  which I thought was 99p but was actually a Ty baby thing and was £1.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!!however I didn't go over my two pound rule per item! two sweat shirts, one long cardigan, one fleecey jumper, one t shirt, one dress and a top for me! Cheapest was 59p most expensive 1.99. All to be put away (bar the dress) for next years play clothes ( ages 4-5).   We indulged in lunch out as well - Ok a large plate of chips, one juice, one coffee and a parking fee - all in all £5.20!!!! OMG OMG She enjoyed it however and felt very grown up.  And it was payday! Won't be happening again for a while!

We had jobs to do - financial ones - made an appointment to open a new bank account, gave in docs for council tax benefit, got CAB number - couldn't make appointment as was too late, emptied car of old wooden bits  that used to be a chest of drawers at the dump. ( Falling to pieces and nothing could be done with them) Good news on the council tax benefit - should be entitled to something taking my payments down next year to £45 per month. Am not relying on this till it happens and I hand in next months pay slip.   That could potentially be another £20 !!! To share between savings, creditors and car............ lol

Am waiting on electric company getting back to me re some readings - I like to monitor usage and make sure I am on track. Not a bad day - reasonably productive, also made enough shep pie for 2.3 people ( she is the .3) and enough for the freezer for 1.3 people.

I have a whole list of jobs for tomorrow as well! Joy of Joys! Then back to the horrid job on Thursday and Friday! 

Speak soonish! Keep penny pinching! Financial freedom is on the horizon .............its just that I keep walking backwards!