Monday, 28 February 2011

Shopping, court and other stories!

Monday comes around again all too quickly! I only work three days at present. I am applying for full time jobs. Not necessarily better paid jobs will consider those that are of a lesser hourly rate than what I am on now  ( and much lower than what I was on BD) however for five days more than three in totals - Am I making sense???? I don't think I could cope with full time doing this particular job - its vacuous.
I do my job because I have to - much of it bore me senseless - I like the people/agencies I work with but not the target driven crap I have to do. Today I was in court as a witness - only  magistrates but nonetheless not pleasant. I felt pity for the defendant - he clearly has mental health problems and I hope he gets the help he needs. I also felt really crap giving evidence against him - yes he was wrong but given his issues and mental health I felt guilty. Well tis done now - don't know what the outcome was. I just hope I never have to give evidence in those circumstances again.

Afterwards I treated my self and went for a look around the posh Oxfam in Jesmond aft- just looking as the prices are  high  ( jesmond for those not in the know is a very nice inner type trendy burb area of Newcastle) and I really do not need anything nor can I justify it. Quite a few designer names in Jesmond Oxfam. It was pretty much on my way to the office so was justified. Charity shop window shopping!!!  Its an indulgence just looking at the pretty sparkly things!!!
Didn't go over budget on the shopping either however did pay for parking £1, a cup of tea  £1.20and a 5litre bottle of oil so that came to  12.20 or just under. Sigh..... always something.

Shopping - Tried out home bargains  - a cheapie shop I do not get to inudulge in as its not local and  got cheap cat food - 99p per box (2) Sugar 69p, PG Tips tea bags 400 for 3.99 so 1p a cup!!! (I drink far too much tea and coffee to buy own brand - I need a small indulgence!!!!) High lights 99p, frying spray oil 99p and four choc bars for a £1.

Then off to Lidl - Forgot yeast for breadmaking and icing sugar but neither are essential this week. All in all  have stocked up and only spent  25.55 + 9.54 =    35.09  That's is for the week - ok maybe some yeast and milk but that should be it. I have more than enough food in the house to last and to make some rather scummy meals with. Need to start meal planning properly at some point but I think 1£60 per month is pretty good going all in for everything household you can think of.  - will maybe see if I can do £30 a week! £40 off the debt at the end of the month!! Or going towards the new second hand car........... First things first - I am monitoring spending on food and other such items all in my handy fugal notebook!

I also bought seeds! to grow ones own - out with the nancy flowers in with the vegetables!!!! I have pots to grow stuff in as I have a cat turd issue in the flower beds! Nuff said will keep the further adventures in gardening for the spring.

PS - have been in bed since before 8pm - house in darkness bar telly, PC and one lamp - only one night storage heater turned down to half way. Conserve tconserve conserve.