Sunday, 11 December 2011

Busy Weekend and other stories

Well we had swimming, a car accident, Sundays dinner on Saturday, some time together, a walk on the beach and woods to find detritus forthcoming yule festivities, the making of a wreath for the front door a lunch with friends and a goodbye at the train station.

It snowed Friday night so Saturday there was a light covering of snow.

On the way back from the pool - (Biggles came to watch a duckling) we were stationary at a junction - about to turn right when a 4x4 slid into us. Nice. Dafty behind the wheel sorry going to be sexist now was female and one of the hoi polloi chelsea tractor set who said in her defense that she had the four wheel drive on and didn't understand what went wrong..... Doh!!! That only gives you traction not grip you Bint!!! You still need to drive slowly in icy condition. She was not.  B car bumped - not massively and driveable but not the point. We were not happy. Will cost on insurance. Thankfully she is insured.

I understand icy if you are going slowly. Even I know 4x4 four wheel drive does not make you slide proof- its a heavy car and she did brake but in ice thats no help at all. If B had pulled forward she woudl have gone into rear of the car where weeny was in back.

Its a further hassle as B left for London today and he may be car less while it is fixed when he returns at the weekend/during his leave. Easy for Mrs Bint 4x4 as she has another means of transport - a second /third car.

Four wheel 4x4 drivers really can piss me off. Apart form the obvious environmental impact - They think they are inpenetrable in their wagons and yes they are but sod any other road user - we don't care what becomes of them we have four wheel drive so we are all right.

Managed a mooch to the beach and woods in the afternoon. A fed up B stayed in to listen to Football. We found some good stuff for the front door wreath.

 Scouring for shells with holes in them for deorated pressies - and our detritus wreath- Priceless lots of fun , simple and a joint effort - sticking dead flowers into the green foilage and adding pine cones!!! Weeny was very proud! Smells good too!

Took B to the station for 1pm. He returns on Friday. Sigh- this is it for the next two years approx.

had a lovely lunch with some friends and Weeny at an Italians all the way in North Shields. One of my dear ex work colleagues has terminal cancer. We don't know how long as she only has drug therapy left as an option. been justover a year since her diagnosis.  Liver, Lung and bones. Liver is the big problem.  She is doing ok given...

We have learn't a Yule Song in prep for our Yule Fire night!  Welcome to the Holly king, the holly king the holly king, welcome to the holly king its time to go to sleep, Welcome to the oak tree king the oak tree king x2 Spring will come again. We shall skip round the fire singing it!!!

Biggles  birthday was fab- we had Chilli - a hot one - made specially for his tastebuds only! and Birthday fruits of the forest and Kiwi Pavlova made by yours truly. He doesn't do birthday cake. Made cards, gave pressies etc etc Weeny enjoyed it as much as him.

Her nativity was by all accounts very good. Biggles went in my place as no time off work. She was so happy when she spotted him in the audience and waved and began to sing and do her actions alot louder and stronger. He was dead chuffed and gushing about it adn the blowing of kisses. Bless em both.
She was an angel. One day she may make Mary you never

Have much xmas cooking to do as well as the visit to Santa and some more bits to purchase- just silly stuff and a few cards to send - home made by Weeny of course!!!

Another Monday calls- only four days this week and a trip to a retirement do dar whatsit on day off!!!