Sunday, 25 September 2011

The plan to utilize biggles house when he is in London is knackered. he will get less of an allowance to return to see me if classed as it not being his home. If it is classed as his home I lose child benefit and child tax credit which covers child care. Bugger and drat. need to rethink yet again. I was hoping to recoup some losses having nil rent. May have to rent for a while while job searching etc etc  etc. Makes sense to rent closer to work but in a nice area with nice schools. Also means weeny will have double upheaval then more upheaval. We need to have a long think about it. Really don't want to get married again. The whole thought leaves me cold- I really do not like weddings and was crap at marriage.

Boo boo and tits and booo! Hey am probably worrrying over nowt as house prob won't sell ... Viewing went ok. We shall have to wait and see.