Saturday, 3 November 2012

Public Service Announcement! Utmost importance.

Some folks just dont know when to leave.
The ones that hang around and overstay their welcome. Am waiting. Go on bugger off.
No not you. Am in a silly mood ignore me. I can't sleep.

I have a post card. I like it.  In fact I have several. Many in the vein of a Wee sweary.
They are coming very soon.  Next post in fact. Those who are easily offended should look away.

A good sweary

Nothing like ango saxo at the right time!

I happily use all swears and am not prejudiced. I will not discriminate

A blog I quite enjoy as its random is that of Scarcastic Bastard.  Also prone to a sweary especially in relation to animal cruelty.

So just because I feel like it

Buggerbastardtwatshitebollocksfuckityfuckfeckertossernobseeyounexttuesdaypissingbloodyhellwankerypoo and all derivatives.

Was an Eve Ensler kind of girl and have proudly reclaimed 'that' word while sitting in an audience shouting it loud and proud with my sisters. Sharnt say it as it doth offend still and I respect that despite being uncouth and uneducated and moronic and fond of a sweary. Sniff. Such is me scumbag lot!

oh lord I just remembered Bob!

Why do I blog...?

Well primarily for me its a cathartic get it off my chest / a means to organise thoughts / to take stock. A journal that in 2012 has an interactive ' Dear diary' that is vast. I don't write to share wisdom. Have very little of that. I don't claim to have an aspirational lifestyle of any kind. I dont write for it to be read even. If it is and my mad mixed up life interests people, makes them laugh, is a bit of a soap opera, whatever then that's great. Blogging a bit of an affirmation of real life choices maybe....

Sometimes my blog brings order and reflection to the real world. Sometimes Blogland folks share pearls of wisdom which is very cool! :-)

I ve gained a great deal from reading other peoples blogs. Different POVs which are always interesting. (I once went on an Orange walk to learn more about the lodge folks - doesn't mean I agree with them but in anthropological stylee I learnt some stuff) I don't get involved in giveaways or stuff like that. I think its lovely though. Am pants at choosing gifts and it would give me no end of nightmares.

I read blogs before I blogged. Some people share so much and through reading I have learnt a great deal.Practical and otherwise.
The tips are fantastic for frugal stuff. As are the stories of technically strangers lives. INSPIRATIONAL and all wonderfully different. What are you going to learn that s new if you have too much same.

I m a bit of a roller coaster girl up and down. The blog keeps me more train  like. Also an outlet for the negative stuff. A bit like wind. Am by that I mean the gaseous stuff. BETTER OUT THAN IN.  My blog is a load of old fart.....this amuses me greatly.

Hi ho!