Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal wedding day and little tales

Ok we are up - Biggles still in bed  but then again he is defending the country and working Sat, Sun and Mon.  A few things to do today including cutting the grass for this afternoons barbecue fun!!! Watering the pots would be a good choice too - I am so rubbish at gardening style stuff - essential watering tut tut tut

Mum fine and the seating thing has been sorted  and many thanks to Lovely Grey for her advice.  Better seat- has been enjoying the garden and sitting outside. Royal wedding today so they will be flag waving or rather those able to will be and also watching the telly and ding relevant activities or just observing in mums case. I think the stimulation in so far as people watching will be more beneficial. Even though she has advanced Alzheimer's - minimal language and expressions, no recognition, no ability to perform personal care tasks of any sort including feeding her self-  I like to think that she might get something from a change in environment and activities around her changing on a regular basis and of course chocolate!!! There will be lots of this!!! 

Sister arriving on Sunday for a few days - have meals planned  - roast chicken dinner Sunday, carbonara on Monday and pizza on Tuesday.  Biggles being taxi driver for Sunday and Wednesday when she heads off again.

Ok more coffee before we start the days activities - we have a union flag flying on the washing line and a special table cloth for later!  Hmm what will go down better with the  weeny one- princess dress or red white and blue stuff!!! I know what my money is on!!!