Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Gas n Leccy????

Now the buggers are upping their prices again I feel the need to work on a strategy to give them as little as I can!

Profiteering bastards!

I now have a mini oven. it is very quick to cook stuff in and is ace. This is cheaper than using the gas oven I think. Am I right in thinking this??

I only put the heating on at weekends when we are all in and only for short periods to warm up other wise we heat a room with an oil filled radiator. The temp on the central heating is not high. The temp is high on the oil filled radiator however  I have had the heating on for day times on only four occasions this season.

I have a combi boiled - Rented House so no chance of getting a new one.

We bath once a day. Share a bath.

I wash up when I need to.

I wash when we have a full load.

I turn off lights when I am not using them. I never use a hair dryer or other heating implement for the styling of hair( ok only on special going out occasions and there are few of them lol)

I turn off at the mains all that I can.

I need to take a meter reading this pm so will update when I get the bad news. My £50 a month may be rising.

Any other frugal tips?

I shut doors and have a draft excluder, I double curtain and have lined heavy curtains up all the time.

The lounge has a bloody staircase in it. This makes the living room hard to heat as heat rises. We do get the benefit of the oil filled radiator upstairs a wee bit though.