Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Gas n Leccy????

Now the buggers are upping their prices again I feel the need to work on a strategy to give them as little as I can!

Profiteering bastards!

I now have a mini oven. it is very quick to cook stuff in and is ace. This is cheaper than using the gas oven I think. Am I right in thinking this??

I only put the heating on at weekends when we are all in and only for short periods to warm up other wise we heat a room with an oil filled radiator. The temp on the central heating is not high. The temp is high on the oil filled radiator however  I have had the heating on for day times on only four occasions this season.

I have a combi boiled - Rented House so no chance of getting a new one.

We bath once a day. Share a bath.

I wash up when I need to.

I wash when we have a full load.

I turn off lights when I am not using them. I never use a hair dryer or other heating implement for the styling of hair( ok only on special going out occasions and there are few of them lol)

I turn off at the mains all that I can.

I need to take a meter reading this pm so will update when I get the bad news. My £50 a month may be rising.

Any other frugal tips?

I shut doors and have a draft excluder, I double curtain and have lined heavy curtains up all the time.

The lounge has a bloody staircase in it. This makes the living room hard to heat as heat rises. We do get the benefit of the oil filled radiator upstairs a wee bit though.


  1. I have made patchwork quilts from scraps (with help from a Frugal Queen workshop) and there is one on the back of each sofa. If cold, this is pulled over the lap in the evening. We layer up clothes in the daytime. I wear a thin pretty scarf and fingerless gloves when using the laptop if I'm cold. After using the oven, i leave the door open to warm the room and put the laundry drying rack near this. GD baths and leaves the water in the bath and we use a jug to use the water to flush the loo. I buy food from the "world foods" aisle in the supermarket as it is often much cheaper fro the same things, e.g. tinned tomatoes or dried lentils.

  2. thermal underwear!you will be surprised what a difference it makes!

  3. put a curtain up across the entrance to rooms to stop the heat escaping, you can pick up cheap door curtains on e bay or pick up a pair cheaply and split them..failing that use an old blanket!