Sunday, 23 December 2012

What we will be up to over the entire hols !

Currently seeing Yorkshire family.
Xmas at home
The Hobbit on Boxing Day. Weeny has her requested five and a half hour visit with the others. Their choice.
Beach combing for smooth pebbles and subsequent crafting.
Bike ride for Biggles!
Visit to see my Mum in her care home in Ayr.
Hill Walking Ochil hills in Clackmannanshire
New year birthday celebrations with sister and family.
Maybe an additional cinema trip with Weeny. Hobbit is a bit long.

I still need to book Weenys fifth birthday and take the bloody meter reading lol

I probably won't get the time so.....

We are visiting The peoples Republic of South Yorkshire. Nice easy weekend before traveling back xmas eve where upon we will have loads to do. We are all done bar some fresh food. Merry ones to you all. xxxx