Monday, 24 October 2011

Good Peeps in the big bad world

 Unbeknown to me I dropped my phone. A lovely lady handed it in to the RSPCA shop. I was greeted at work by the receptionist anouncing that a friend had been on the phone to let her know that I had dropped my phone but all was well. Ahhhh  How nice. I was shocked adn surprised and very very glad!!!  I have the persons number and will be texting my thank yous.

Also using hte turn to us benefits checker if I rent privately I may be entitled to Housing benefit.  if this is right then this is good and very helpful. I could even look to reduce hours to 30 per week- not much differencce in money but hte quality time would be fantastic.My quandry is weeny girl. I do not want to move her to a new school then look to move her again as wherever I go I do not think I shall stay forever. Story not over yet I hope..... 

I need to check out the position re HB incase the website is wrong.  I have sources and maybe they can verify my calculations. I find CAB nortorioulsy crap at helping out with these things so will use other sources.

I can always pick up some extra work here and there given that there is a facility for  book by the week/day child care for 3yr+  Which is where she will be going in September 2012 after her wonderful though expensive day care nursery ends.

It will be less stressful moving her only when I have a definite plan re where to go and what to do.