Friday, 16 December 2011

Dear Chums - an enforced hiatus!!!

I am moving.

21st December.

I have the weekend and Tuesday to organise stuff. Monday I must go in to work as we care inteviewing for a new post and I am on the panel. It is essential that I am there.

I need to procure an oven of sorts

Checked out house - I will need the following asap

Cooker - ideally want one with double oven so can use small oven to cook stuff for me and weeny.
Curtain rail things - to keep curtains up and keep heat in and stop burglars and nosey neighbours form peering in and protecting ones modestly lol ) modest I ain't)
Bedroom carpet - can wait till sales for this - floor boards okish and I have a posh persian rug lol
Shower attachment for washing
Outside storage box thing for garden tools and weeny's bike.
Wardrobes - or clothes hanging things - I can wait for these! Freecycling starts now!

House fine other than that- carpets and floor covering in other rooms.

I need to paint the living room - remove a blue colour - magnolia wash comming on!!! may be Biggles will be nice on Monday and slap a coat on before I move.... if I ask him nicely - won't take long only half the wall that is blue....  Fingers crossed eh!

Also I may have to get TV aeriel fitted - not sure if Sky have done their utmost to disconnect aeriel I will book aeriel chap for Thursday 22nd just in case.

Phone is a pain. No line into property - not sure when BT will be able to come to do cabling..... no interweb  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Social death.....

So enforced hiatus dear chums.... as of 21st approx midday.   How long will the drout go on for????
Who knows!!!!

I will research cookers and curtain rails and garden storage boxes and check gumtree and freecycle. 

Have little storage in the house only one cuboard so do require some outdoor storage for a lawn mower, strimmer and barbecue and childs bike.

Will need a plumber to fit dishwasher and a joiner to fit cat flap as well. ASAP!!!!  Poor puss's need to stay on otherwise. I don't do litter trays- nor do they very well either.

Time for research then!!!

Any pointers to good prices, knowledge on fitting a gas cooker or shower attachments are all very very much appreciated!!!!