Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lurching from one event to another!!!

Am hoping that life will calm down soon and I can get on with the saving!!! So far no chance!!!  Oh well theres always next month. Sheffield and Mother Biggles house again next week - am hoping to get to a car boot rather than a shopping centre! Food should be fabulous however.

Reduced the price on the house event further today in the hope that I may get a sniff of interest!!! I can always say no!!!  Biggles defending, Weeny girl at her other family's for the night. Today  I achieved nothing apart form sofa sitting and snoozing! Ok I purchased mould resistant paint and called in at the estate agents and made Thai curry for tea- a Biggles favourite.
Tomorrow I shall be productive!

I shall accomplish:
Painting the bathroom ceiling and cleaning the bathroom, cutting of  the grass, hoovering throughout and attack the ironing with gusto!!!!!! Change bedding in both rooms.  All before I pick up weeny girl at 4pm, then sister from station at 5:30pm and make sure Sunday Roast Chicken et al is well on its way for half six at the latest.  Biggles staying. First time he will have met the sister.  Will be grand! hee hee!!!