Saturday, 31 March 2012

Earth Hour and off again!

Hello folks.... super busy have been I. super busy will again tomorrow be. Why am I trying to emulate Yoda's composition of sentences???  Pah!

We are jollying off again tomorrow to London for a few days. Sunday to Tuesday. Then back to work for two days and then off for five over Easter maybe Scotland with Biggles to see the sister. See what happens with petrol etc etc.

We need to pack today and clean and wash and do all those annoying things before you go away.

Later at 8:30 this evening we will be building fires and lighting tealights in the garden for Earth Hour!  Then we are off for a bath to rid outselves of the smoke smell.

The wedding looms on the horizon thankfully it is after payday in April. I am skint again having had to pay for two new tyres and swimming lessons.   I am glad I moved when I could. Though it still smarts losing 15k and walking away with less than nothing I would be falling deeper and deeper into debt if I had not. At least this way I am skint but not in the red too significantly and I can climb out of the pit with credit rating intact, no IVA's or whatever they are called.

Oh wells.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We have found the dress...

I think I have found the dreaded wedding frock.....
Its not black but there will be black accessories
It has a high neck, no sleeves and is below the knee
its from Coast - prelurved via ebay!
its satin
Its a dark purple!!!

Snapped up for £28 which for coast even second hand is nto bad at all. I don't do strapless, or one shouldered or spaghetti straps. i like the shoulders covered - esp the shoulder blades.  Well one in particular.


We have shoes adn a bag and tights with the line up the back, we have the jewellery but need to get a hair cut - I need one anyways- and a fascinator thingy - cheap enough. Don't think I can get away with gloves but will see... black opera maybe.... see what its like when I get to try the frock on. I have good feelings about this one - Good dress karma!!!

The fascinator will only be a couple of quid - I couldn't make something cheaper by the time I bought al the bits!

Might get some false nails to add to the look  and yes purple nail polish  thank you very much.... dark!

I do quite like going to weddings wearing black  - I feel all Kristen Scott Thomas's Fiona  in Four Weddings and a Funeral. And I love the bit where she feigns happy and shakes hands saying '' you must be very proud'' to each of the receiving line..... that'll be me then!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Meal plan for the week

Pizza and salad
Tuna mayo and salad with jacket spud - half a small spud between two of us
Hotdogs and salad and chips
Fish fingers and chips and beans or potatoe waffles and beans for me!!!!!
Chroizo pasta - needs to be used up - will cook buckets for freezer! with garlic bread
Curry of some sort - Thai I think... mmmm
Sunday - undecided - depends on Biggles we may have a very late larger breakfast and then supper as will be at a party during the afternoon.

Lol a bag of spinach lasts an age in this house !

Round up!

Breakfast, Church - Check
Flowers and pressie from weeny via church and childrens liturgy.
Quick coffee in town with Weeny as she so loves a cafe!!! and a cake - TREAT
Cat crap - eurgh one large shopping bag full
grass cut and Red currant bush replanted
Cheapie Roast dinner with Turkey roll Bernard Matthews thing and enough left over for sandwiches for two meals.
Ahhhh other half of bottle of vino... peace and snuggles

And so it is back to the working week!!!
Wore the 95p tousers to day - fantastic!!! Really good quality!!

Weeny should be visiting this weekend. He has refused to have her overnight for many weeks due to a washing issue. Weeny complained about her sister washing her in the bath. She can do it herself. I make sure she does it. She does not need assistance - a prompt yes but not physical assistance. Weeny mentioned this at Nursery. They advised me. I spoke to the SD ( donor) about this. Basically he has left them in the bath together and got her half sister to look after her. This has happened for years and older sister who is 8 has not known when Weeny is not in need of help anymore ( she babies her which is quite sweet in some ways and caring) - She is 8 and doesn't get child development . Nothing suspect but says alot that he cannot be arsed to bath his kids once a fortnight. . He has got his other child to do the things he should be doing. FFS its only once a sodding fortnight.

Any way upshopt is Weeny has two playdates this weekend. It should be his weekend. He missed a weekend as I had cheap tickets to London. Its been three weeks since he shas seen her and then it was only  for Saturday.

Her coming weekend schedule:
Swimming 8:30 - 9:00 - 9:30 leave pool after getting changed.
Playdate - Cragside 10am- 2:30pm ( its residents weekend)

Party 2:30-4:30pm

Apparently its not worth seeing her on Saturday after her playdates. I asked if he wanted me to cancel one of them. The answer was no. She does not know about the saturday one yet. I offered. No its fine but he can't see her that day full stop and she can't stay. So three hours is appropriate on Sunday 10 -1:30. I have said why not 2??? Whatever... balh blah blah. Then he advises that his girlfriends son has a friend staying over that night so no room. Whatever Whatever.

I do worry that when she is there she is left to be supervised by an 8 yr old and 11 year old who will get bored of her and the responsibility as they are children too. I get the feeling that she is sent out to play alot. She is itching for independence and is getting confident with roads but she is 4 and unpredictable.

Why does he bother... Oh yes to look good to the rest of the world.....

Arse wipe!!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

an end to a lovely day...............

Have really enjoyed today .. spent time with the weenster and it was great. We went to the pool for her swimming lesson, pootled round car boot and charity shops, had a coffee, went to a chums, had tea while weeny and a little chum the daughter of my chum played, came home had lunch! sat on sofa watch Alice in Wonderland and a silly bt vision film, scooted to morrisons, bought a bottle of half price Lindemans Shiraz-  ( nom nom nom) will last me two night no fears!!!!

We had cheapie chicken curry - weeny ate well, and I have two lunches in the freezer for next week. I managed some washing, defrosted my turkey roast for tomorrow, prepped veg, sorted washing. Sofa again and snuggled. Tomorrow I am taking the Weenster to Mass.  This will be her second time that she knows about. There is a Sunday school - so she is well taken care off- drawing and doing God things/stories etc etc.

After that I must tackle the lawn by first picking up the cat crap. This will take some time and be revolting.  I need to break out the lawn mower as well, make some cakes with weenster and also hoover/wash floors. then we can think about the half bottle of Lindemans.

No rest for the naughty eh??

Oh bugger and cook dinner - we are having turkey roast thing, mash, veg adn yorkshire puds. Weeny like to make yorkshire pudding vol au vents - meat, spud veg and a drip of gravy.

Busy but fab. She is in my bed as B is away so we are haing big big treats - Don't care she and I love it and will do it for as long as we want Sticks out tongue to head shakers!!!!! :-p


The car boot was pants however a new one starts locally in April. Overpriced and I was fleeced for £3 by weent on rubbish and a school jumper which I didn't realise had a kids name actuallt embroidered by machine on it.

Chazza shops  much better - 95p for work trousers - grey from Next and a brand new suit jacket for £4.50 but from New Look. All good for work so am chuffed.  Weent also got to buy two books and a Hello Kitty Top for £3. 

Friday, 16 March 2012

on meat....

So now the eating of bacon, sausages, gammon - processed meats and also red meats more than occaisionally  is cancer causing.  Well I am poor. I rely on cheaper cuts on a regualr basis and live off ham sandwiches mostly eaten for lunch when I have no leftovers to consume. Weeny loves a hotdog - ( yuk but she also loves white cabbage and cucumber and raw carrot and firm brocoli so am not complaining) I always make sure I eat at least three peices of fruit a day. two pears/an apple ( large) some grapes and do at least one portion of veggies!

So that leaves chicken and tuna... sorry but part from the occaisional tin of salmon and cod/hadddock from the fish shop occaisionaly  thats it! 

Tuna is extortionate at the moment. Even the cheap stuff is 75p a tin!!!   Chicken breast fillets are the preferred cut - Weeny not keen on any other part and a full chicken for even 2.5 people is rather large! The remains go into soup, curries etc

Still we do quorn when on special offer but its not appreciated by the small one or the man. I love it. They tolerate it.

How to eat healthily on a frugal budget... not always easy.  I can eat heartily but healthily with our meat preferences is difficult.

I would be happy eating either tuna or chicken everyday or most often but with a few veggie meals thrown in.

There are 1.5 of us during the week and 2.5 at weekends. Cooking for just over two is a pain in the but - a bit like cooking for three when most recipes are  are for four.

Sigh.. what shall I make for 1.5 people tomorrow!!!

Helllo Again

I am terribly neglectful of my blog these days!!!  London was lovely - even found a few bargains in a chazza Shop for Weeny and I! naughty but fun- mooched around Trafalgar square , Russell Square and Clapham Common and popped into Covent Garden for a look at the buskers and street entertainers. Weeny happy. The shops are obscene!!!  I did remark to Biggles that I like some Karen Millen pieces and LK Bennet. He said I would have to sell everything to wear KM or LK.. I said ha ha I do own LK Bennet shoes and a Karen Millen dress I just did' nt own them first  snigger!

This weekend we are staying at home - B is in London revising for an exam on Monday. He is unmotivated and  a bit grumpy with the whole state of revision affairs.I pondered visiting Scotland but I need new tyres which have to wait to the end of the month.

So tomorrow we will be swimming car booting and gardening and generally catching up on all the bits that need to be done before the working week. No dates for five days yet and nothing from any unis. I have had to change referee for the podiatry application as I have not heard from them in over a week and time is critical for this already late application.

 For the next few months I will have car bills then it will be MOT time. Hopefully the MOT will be fine as I will have had so much work done on the sodding thing.  Car tax not due till later in the year I believe.

Tyres, shock thing - April Service in May then MOT in June.  I can't afford  to do them all at the same time. Not when the brakes cost me $180 Ahhhhhh

Weeny is all obsessed by Disney - visiting it.  I hope to one day but we shall have to wait and see.  Will report back faithfully in the state of the car boot sale! 

The hunt for the dress to wear to the wedding is  ongoing... sigh.. if I find nothing appropriate I will wear my black dress with pearls and  gloves and look all fifties and just a bit like a mourner.

And we need haircuts = pooo! I have no time at work so no cheap college salon cuts.

Watching Barry Squatter and the Skanky Mallows for the millionth time .... I know its a 12a but she adores Doctor Who which I think  can be far scarier! And she says stupify at the telly when a bad dude comes on.  OK Shes been asleep for a while but .... gotta watch the bit where the elf karks it.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Off galavanting again...

We are back to That London tomorrow evening. Weeny adn I bagged train tickets for £41. Far too good an offer.

Another cheap weekend of things to do. May do VA Museum and Trafalgar and some bridges.... Battersea Park.. walk along the river if  its nice. We return Sunday.

Weeny has a super hero day tomorrow at Nursery school. I have not purchased a specific outfit. I thought Princess was a bit of a cop out and not really a super hero! So she is going as a Nurse- real life super hero!!!  Woul dhave been doctor but I don't have that outfit. I tried to pursuade her to be a police officer but couldn't convince. (we have a hat and cravat thing) Sorry but I don't get super hero for a girl- Wonder Woman is a bit slutty for a four year old,  invisible girls from the fantastic four- nah boring costume!, Super |Girl, Electra - all a bit slutty IMO  Can't think of any others that may be suitable. The little kid from Kick Ass if you have seen the film would be amusing especially at School snigger.

We have made up tea for the train adn I am taking some nibbles with me. it wil lbe far too late to go to the shops etc and Biggles will not get back till Friday afternoon. He is on a course and cannot get the day off. Did n't know that when we booked the tickets- shame!

The seasons are changing I can feel the hills and beach a calling so London may fall out of favour!

Enjoy whats left of the weeks blogging chums!!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Find Peace PC Rathbone

Thought and prayers for you and your family. So very very sad.
Well we have applied and now the waiting begins.

I am really enjoying my job at the moment which is such a pity.  But nothing is set in stone yet. I need to get an interview then I need to get accepted. 

I am still debating the wedding. ( she says with a sinking feeling)

Ho hum nearly the weekend - Biggles back from Oxfordshire tomorrow evening. He is driving up - No mean feat Oxford to Northumberland! So I will have time for a leisurely bath with Weeny, some cuddle s on the sofa before making late tea - Fajitas. B loves Mexican. We have Thai curry for sat and roast type stuff for Sunday. Weeny loves to make fajitas, loves curry and cabbage/brocoli and yorkshires so all good on the grub front.

We have a scooter party on saturday. I have stashed some brithday pressies from Weeny;s party. She got so much she hasn't missed them. I will wrap them up and pass them on.  Its also a fancy dress party so she has decided to go as a fairy. This is the last time she will be able to wear her fairy outfir as its getting a bit small.

Will take photos and try to upload somehow.

Also I am now on a mission to spend nothing more this month bar necessary food and petrol and bills. This will be a challenge as I am in London next weekend Thursday - Sunday.   Also have a local carboot happening on 17th. I can justify going to this one as its local. the others involve driving at least 20 miles so I don't go.  And bugger will have no cash for bargains. Phooey and phooo. Don't need anything but I like to forward plan.

Till next week.