Sunday, 4 December 2011

Yule!!! What to do???

Thinks its about time we do Yule!!! We try to do lots of celebrations - Chinese New Year, passover ( a bit) Halloween/Samhain a wee bit etc etc etc Season table stuff etc etc  I insist on a bit of God at Christmas - we have a crib scene and do the stories. Won't celebrate owt without a referral to the reasons why people celebrate it- no thinking - even a little bit of reflection will suffice

So far I have gathered that I will need a log - should have dried one a while ago but obviously didn't- where coudl I procure one do you think???

I have a fire pit I use of camping

I need to decorate it?? Anything with candles of a specific colour???

We have a yule log fire on solstice adn drink mulled wine, cider and watch the log burn. Also something about wishes for the new year and the coming of the Oak king and good bye to the holly king???

Any info and advice most welcome. Weeny will love it!!  We can go searching for appropriate decorations next weekend. Will also be doing the baking for the season next week. Oh and Biggles birthday mid week.


todays jobs..................

todays jobs

garden stuffs
dye hair.....

big list.... maybe i set my sights too