Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Heating fail!!!

No not the actual heating but the fact that it was put on . The Biggles came in with the weeny one before me and felt cold so the heating went on. It is off now so only about three hours damage done.  It will be on again tomorrow for a little bit as the B doesn't like the cold  and will be on again over the weekend most likely. Oh well at least I wasnt the guilty one!

Weeny and he had fish and chips. they will be eating pizza tomorrow night with garlic bread as I have a late night - do the job till its done night at work.

I had a cheese sandwich and some banana cake for tea. Suits me can't beat bread and cheese.

Night all a warmed up bed is a calling.

PS Sold a few more bits on Ebay - another thirty quid!  Not bad eh! So about sixty in total so far. May be squeeze about 100 in the end. With enviro clothes, gold sale and vouchers Weeny has a christmas! B doing all the grub which is lovely of him. I am rejecting all presents bar for weeny and shall refuse to open them if he does buy any. He has been warned. I am not buying a bean for anyone bar the weeny. Hmph! SO there.