Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pay day tomorrow...

And so we make it to another pay day. Shopping.

Weeny and I have eaten very cheaply since our mini roast  on Sunday.

Eggy Bread!!!
Ham Ggg and chips with left over salad bits for me Chicken and chips with salad bits for weeny
Pizza and Crudites - cucumber and carrot to dip in mayo!!

I always make sure Weeny has at least a piece of fruit before she indulges in simple puddings - choc biscuits or ice cream with sauce.

Thursday and  I need to fill up on some basics as well as weekend food. Should come in under £30.
Thursday will be something quick and easy adn prob yellow stickered!

Friday - Spicy sausage and bean casserole with baked spuds.
Saturday - my curry with veg. using makway curry paste tastes just like chinese takeaway curry.
Sunday - Chicken and bacon parcels with mash and veg

Weeny is away this weekend. Sniff. We don't liek it but we need to put up with it.

Biggles and I will attempt to get to Durham again.

I met some lovely podiatrists on Monday. I am really enjoying my job but I know it goes no where. I am worried though... of hte unknown and failure!

I may feel better once I have seen houses and schools.

I shall keep an open mind. I have a telephone appointment with the Welfare officer on Tuesday of next week.

The local podiatrist was very positive. As was the newly qualified podiatrist that was with her. Also positive about work prospects if you are willing to move for jobs and other opportunities.

I shall keep in touch and ask for a placement there I think. its a long way from Durham but useful fo rthe future I think. Alot of travelling but who knows....I can alwasy get a child minder for a short period or even take Weeny out of school. Some home ed stuff from a chum may not hurt.