Saturday, 18 February 2012

Excited.. mostly... and some wardrobe adventures...

Have applied for PGCE, researched areas to live in etc etc  so proceeding nicely. I start my OU course next week!! Eeek

Saving ok. So far should have managed £300 since end of December.  This pocket of money will remain and be added to by £100 per month I hope. I plan on snow flaking and snowballing all the other debts I have -  approx £900.  ( Not including Biggles money - that may be around doe a while, Sigh) I need rid before September. No added interest on them. so not too bad. I do the move about interest free credit thing.

Ha ha Gas and Elec want 92 pcm from me. If they think that by working full time I will be using nearly £100 of gas/elec per month they are sadly mistaken. I shall send them another reading next month to get the amount reduced. Also its so mild now that I think the hour at night at 17c is unnecessary.  A wee while in the morning is nice - though I may drop that to half an hour.
 No more than £60 pcm I believe. Weeny likes a bath - every night. I get in too mostly so we save overall and I like to be fresh in the morning so a quick shower is needed.  Gas cooking as well. Sigh - I really miss being all electric. I found it much easier to manage one utility and had a good grasp of it and how much it cost. Gas is all new to me.

 We are menu planning and aiming to never spend more than £30 per week.

Beans on toast, fish fingers and chips, pizza, gammon, jacket potatoes are regular meals each week!

Weeny likes it and I always buy salad stuff - cucumber and lettuce - she adores cucumber, chuck on some sweetcorn or carrot and we are happy!  The only time we splurge on food is weekends when Biggles is back - normally something nice on Friday, Sat, Sun Lunch. I don't charge for food as he so often treats us both would be mean.  Again doesn't need to be expensive - carbonara with cheap bacon bits, roast Sundays dinner is cheap if you use chicken pieces, spaghetti, lasagna and all variations of it.

I have restricted the cooking something new resolution sue to finances however we are still being inventive with leftovers, bargain buys etc etc

Am off to be ruthless with the wardrobe and have a tidy up