Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tagged 11 things and questions

Tagged by Foster Mummy from My Beautiful Life!

Here are the rules: 
  • every tagged person has to tell 11 things about themselves
  • answer the 11 questions from the person who tagged you
  • list 11 questions for the folk you are going to tag, and they should have fewer than 200 followers if possible
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11 things!
I can teach aerobics. ha ha ha ha long time ago
I nearly lost the little finger on my right hand and had to give up a nursing course because of it. I like the way five fingers look on a hand funnily enough. Separated from Weeny's Dad so went back to the old career which is 9-5.
I love equatorial weather.....warm and clammy and hot everyday.
I had two puffs of gas and air then refused any more as it was making feel sick so was 99% natural child birth from start to finish.
I breast fed for far too long lol-  that's me and me feeding weeny girl Bah don't care! Both of us have stopped now lol.
I am half scottish and half jewish which should according to stereotypes make me the tightest person with money ever.. sadly they cancel each other out.
I hate grammar and am very lax in my blog posts. ! Same with spelling. I am lazy when it comes to correction.
I was a member of CND and Green peace how on earth did I end up with the bloke in the mi
I get obsessive about good TV and will watch certain programme religiously. Do not come between me and the following - Homeland, Home Front, Hebburn, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and SVU.
I am fascinated by Mormons and their IMO mad crazy beliefs
I read fantasy books in secret. George Martin at the moment.

1. In which month is your birthday?

December! The very last day in the year!

2. What is your favourite colour?


3. What one thing do you wish you could change in your life?

Being so crap at reproduction! I am fecund but shite at growing babies.

4. What is your biggest regret?

Hmmm difficult one - probably buying a house when I should have rented and saved money and worked part time. See blog posts! Though other stuff not so much as I wouldn't have the lovey elements of life that are Weeny girl and the Biggles.

5. What do you feel is your Christmas tradition?

There are many - see blog posts. I really enjoy collecting detritus with weeny girl to make our door wreath.

6. Which part of your body do you dislike the most?

Thighs - large and  always have been and always will be! Large muscles at their best and covered in a thick layer of the dreaded stuff at their worst.

7. Which celebrity would you take out for dinner, and why?

Hmm lots though I would say....Mo Farrah- interesting journey, Germain Greer - a life well lived and Frankie Boyle as he is an arse. Maybe not all of them at the same time.

8. Who was your favourite teacher at school, and why?

Mrs Edgar - History teacher in 1-3rd year. Was a lovely woman and believed in all her students and made history live!

9. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Blogging lol - walking in wide open desolate wilderness places when I get the time. Moors and Hills, mooching around a car boot, cooking and the watching of good films.

10. I'm coming for dinner: What will you cook for us to eat?

Carbonara - can be minus the meat with HM garlic bread and fresh salad bits preferably picked fresh from the garden when I get round to growing them, Pavlova to finish. Don't be doing dieting! or meat feast of beef bourginon in the winter ( Sp) not a frugal version if I am feeling rich! Might as well make it a super good un every occaisionally- nice beef, well reared and wine and bacon and onions and mushrooms in a  very rich source with perfect mash potatoes- well I would try to get hte lumps out.

11. What are you planning for your garden next year?

Hedges to cordon off the compost heap and vegetables if I can get the cats to stop crapping like mad crapping things all over the place.  Can they please crap in someone elses back yard like cats are supposed too! ( Not) Salad veg, carrots and potatoes.

11 questions


1. What frivalous thing if anything would you ban in the world. Caveat - must be something silly like for eg The jelly in pork pies. I get the pastry and I get the meat but there is no need for the jelly!!!!

2. What was the  last thing that made you cry with laughter?

3. What book have you read and enjoyed that you would prefer not to admit to?
(Mine was the twilight series- saddo)

4. Where would your dream holiday be?

5. If you could change your name - first middle or last name what would you change it to?

6. Football - does it have a place in the world. Discuss.

7. Favourite song from your teenage years.

8. First kiss and where are they now? Names can be changed to protect the innocent or ''pass'' is also perfectly acceptable.

9. Favourite bargain

10. TV advert you actually like

11. TV advert you would ban

I am a techno biff and can't work out how to tag but feel free to pass it on!