Monday, 19 March 2012

Meal plan for the week

Pizza and salad
Tuna mayo and salad with jacket spud - half a small spud between two of us
Hotdogs and salad and chips
Fish fingers and chips and beans or potatoe waffles and beans for me!!!!!
Chroizo pasta - needs to be used up - will cook buckets for freezer! with garlic bread
Curry of some sort - Thai I think... mmmm
Sunday - undecided - depends on Biggles we may have a very late larger breakfast and then supper as will be at a party during the afternoon.

Lol a bag of spinach lasts an age in this house !

Round up!

Breakfast, Church - Check
Flowers and pressie from weeny via church and childrens liturgy.
Quick coffee in town with Weeny as she so loves a cafe!!! and a cake - TREAT
Cat crap - eurgh one large shopping bag full
grass cut and Red currant bush replanted
Cheapie Roast dinner with Turkey roll Bernard Matthews thing and enough left over for sandwiches for two meals.
Ahhhh other half of bottle of vino... peace and snuggles

And so it is back to the working week!!!
Wore the 95p tousers to day - fantastic!!! Really good quality!!

Weeny should be visiting this weekend. He has refused to have her overnight for many weeks due to a washing issue. Weeny complained about her sister washing her in the bath. She can do it herself. I make sure she does it. She does not need assistance - a prompt yes but not physical assistance. Weeny mentioned this at Nursery. They advised me. I spoke to the SD ( donor) about this. Basically he has left them in the bath together and got her half sister to look after her. This has happened for years and older sister who is 8 has not known when Weeny is not in need of help anymore ( she babies her which is quite sweet in some ways and caring) - She is 8 and doesn't get child development . Nothing suspect but says alot that he cannot be arsed to bath his kids once a fortnight. . He has got his other child to do the things he should be doing. FFS its only once a sodding fortnight.

Any way upshopt is Weeny has two playdates this weekend. It should be his weekend. He missed a weekend as I had cheap tickets to London. Its been three weeks since he shas seen her and then it was only  for Saturday.

Her coming weekend schedule:
Swimming 8:30 - 9:00 - 9:30 leave pool after getting changed.
Playdate - Cragside 10am- 2:30pm ( its residents weekend)

Party 2:30-4:30pm

Apparently its not worth seeing her on Saturday after her playdates. I asked if he wanted me to cancel one of them. The answer was no. She does not know about the saturday one yet. I offered. No its fine but he can't see her that day full stop and she can't stay. So three hours is appropriate on Sunday 10 -1:30. I have said why not 2??? Whatever... balh blah blah. Then he advises that his girlfriends son has a friend staying over that night so no room. Whatever Whatever.

I do worry that when she is there she is left to be supervised by an 8 yr old and 11 year old who will get bored of her and the responsibility as they are children too. I get the feeling that she is sent out to play alot. She is itching for independence and is getting confident with roads but she is 4 and unpredictable.

Why does he bother... Oh yes to look good to the rest of the world.....

Arse wipe!!!