Sunday, 13 November 2011


 My rather attractive chap - sorry about the annotation but rules is rules.

Yes we are in a public convenience but had forgotton to get one of us together so had to improvise!

Biggles was dead smart!

 The service was lovely - Duke of Northumberland in tow, marching band, last stand played well adn the local old timers marched really well. Proud day all round for those in service, those who have been in service, and those we shall never forget. Love you Dad.

(I like Rememberance Day as a way to remember my Dad its nicer than this is the day you died of a horrible disease)

Well we made it  through and Weeny was very well behaved! She was very impressed by Biggles in his Number 1's and even saluted. Bless! Will post pics when I have anotated - can't show faces in uniform fraid!
We wore our second hand clobber with pride - me in a marks and spencer autograph grey suit, Weeny in her purple frock. All pre loved bar the shoes and knickers.

Also this weekend I made two large batches of soup - lentil and veg and chicken noodle. Mmmmmm

We were also bargainous over the weekend as well - got new cardy ( preloved ) and a Next denim skirt ( £3)  for weeny and a work top and black cardy pour moi for £3 also.

Superdrug are now making their own brand perm hair dye so have purchased to try. Only £3.50! me likey!

Tis the season for the bread maker me thinks - fresh home made bread goes so well with home made soup.

Off to watch some telly with A cuddley well behaved Weeny in our pyjamas already and under a blanket. Not long till we retire to bed.

Sleep well peeps