Monday, 9 July 2012

A deferral....

A deferral. Yes am considering deferring for a year. I have to go to Durham on the 16th not only to hand in CRB stuff but have to do a work experience check for a student so the petrol is paid for.

Am thinking cash.

Saving is good. I need to have a back up saving pot. Not having a good rainy day pot is probably not a good idea. It will cost to move and there are always extras to pay which will leave me with zilch as a backup.

Also I am unsure and much of this stems from not having a safety net. I am a glass half empty not half full when it comes to cash.

I have happily discounted the PGCE in Health and Social Care. For 15k debt I don't feel the return is there. Also I have been away from compulsory ed for too long. I am unsure I could work in that environment again. It can be very stuffy. Apologies to teachers out there.

I figure a year and a bit of being super frugal and saving is not a bad thing. Fewer weekends away as of September due to school.

Downside is weeny and moving schools. Its a good time to do the move. On the flip side some staying in the same place after moving house last christmas is not a bad thing. Also in a year when she is nearly 6 she will be more independent, understand more and may have better skills for moving, understand why we need to move etc.

The bank balance is looking better and we are managing. The car needs its timing belt changed which is another big expense if I factor in what I need to move.

I also don't think I have the energy to move again in a rush. Packing. sorting, organising...

The final decision will be made re whether or not I can defer. This is out of my hands.

Duke of Edinburgh brings alot of fun too. Working four days with the option of earning toil as extra for hols with Weeny is not a bad thing. Some time to focus on  her for a wee bit.

Long term financial plans - house buying etc I think I need to get real. Not going to happen here and not going to happen full stop unless you can get a 97% tiny mortage - fat chance. I think the pension plan is probably my best bet with some increased savings for the weeny one.

16th July is decision day.

Weekend in the capital, south bank moochings, a pukey oblivion and an sprinting four year old....

It was free ticket time again .. Biggles gets a number of free train tickets being a frequent rail traveller.
Weeny and I trotted off to the big smoke.

We spend Friday just mooching around Clapham  and munching happy meals. They are a treat for £2.49.  Yes more expensive in the capital! She scored for a really funky 2nd hand black sun dress with colourful embroidery which she refused to take off once she tried it on and a bracelet.

Saturday we took a stroll form Waterloo down the river along the South bank to the Tate Gallery.  There is a kiddies interactive bit and some drawing stuff to do as well as piles of bricks to look at.  I am a philistine when it comes to mondern art. Lots of the exhibitions looked like poo. Her words not mine lol.  The Kandinsky, Dali and Picasso's were cool. We didn't pay for the Munch or Hirst exhibitions. At £15 each I thought not!!! All free other than the obligatory ice cream and the carousel ride. Fantastic old fashioned horse carousel and she is big enough to ride her own horse now which she loved!

There is a rainbow sand play space and skateboarders to watch as well as other arty things going on and a big wooden climbing play frame near the London Eye.  We saw the Shard. You can't miss it.

Sunday we ate late again ( Eggy bread) then mooched around Wandsworth common and fed ducks. There are two play parks which keep Madam busy. Oh and I mad the mistake of sitting on the mini roundabout to be spun into a pukey oblivion while shouting ''Biggles you arse!'' A few looks from the nappy valley brigade.. Whoops. I had to lay down after that.  Sometimes he is just not funny!

On the way to the train we said goodbye to Biggles ...which she doesn't like. Its not too bad when we say farewell at home as we often go to the park immediately afterwards or have things to look forward to straightaway. She was upset. I carried her away giving cuddles then had to put my heaving  four year old down. She is heavy, She promptly done an about turn and shot off back to where Biggles was waving. Crying lots. Proper tears.  Ouch. Am sure Mr Officer had glassy eyes as well.  You can't come to the train to say farewell at Kings Cross as its all ticketed access now.

We managed to get on the  train and sat in the carriage where we had had reserved seats which turned out to have a problem with its heating. It would not turn off. A sweat box on tracks and was intolerable. We are the last stop before Edinburgh. It was a long journey till we moved to first class at the train guards suggestion.  Free Wi fi-  Yeah!!

Back to the grind and no further forward with decisions.

Biggles not keen on his name anymore. He occasionally drops by apparently.  ( Obligatory Rimmer salute given ala Red Dwarf!)  Hence will now take suggestions for an alternative! Answers in the comments box below!