Monday, 9 July 2012

A deferral....

A deferral. Yes am considering deferring for a year. I have to go to Durham on the 16th not only to hand in CRB stuff but have to do a work experience check for a student so the petrol is paid for.

Am thinking cash.

Saving is good. I need to have a back up saving pot. Not having a good rainy day pot is probably not a good idea. It will cost to move and there are always extras to pay which will leave me with zilch as a backup.

Also I am unsure and much of this stems from not having a safety net. I am a glass half empty not half full when it comes to cash.

I have happily discounted the PGCE in Health and Social Care. For 15k debt I don't feel the return is there. Also I have been away from compulsory ed for too long. I am unsure I could work in that environment again. It can be very stuffy. Apologies to teachers out there.

I figure a year and a bit of being super frugal and saving is not a bad thing. Fewer weekends away as of September due to school.

Downside is weeny and moving schools. Its a good time to do the move. On the flip side some staying in the same place after moving house last christmas is not a bad thing. Also in a year when she is nearly 6 she will be more independent, understand more and may have better skills for moving, understand why we need to move etc.

The bank balance is looking better and we are managing. The car needs its timing belt changed which is another big expense if I factor in what I need to move.

I also don't think I have the energy to move again in a rush. Packing. sorting, organising...

The final decision will be made re whether or not I can defer. This is out of my hands.

Duke of Edinburgh brings alot of fun too. Working four days with the option of earning toil as extra for hols with Weeny is not a bad thing. Some time to focus on  her for a wee bit.

Long term financial plans - house buying etc I think I need to get real. Not going to happen here and not going to happen full stop unless you can get a 97% tiny mortage - fat chance. I think the pension plan is probably my best bet with some increased savings for the weeny one.

16th July is decision day.

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