Wednesday, 20 July 2011

credit cards and utilites! Fugal questions!

The time is nearly upon me to switch utility companies and also credit card!


I am due to have gas central heating fitted soon. ( Not that bothered about it to be honest but its through a gov scheme so will cost very little). I have a few questions.

given that I am a skin flint and only spend £68 on electric each month could I potentially use/ spend about the same on dual fuel? ie Gas and electric. Am thinking £ 40 pcm Gas and 30 on Electric.

I will be shopping around for the best deal naturally and have used uswitch to identify some potential but given that I will have Gas its a new territory for me.

I hardly heat water but do use a dishwasher (my indulgence), only ever use washing machine at night when its cheap electricity , only  heat thhe room that I am using/intend to use as I have storage , go to bed early etc etc etc I have an electric shower.

What do you reckon Frugal folk??? Am I under estimating useage now that I will be changing to dual fuel???

Credit Cards - am I right in assuming that barclay card may be the best one at the moment?