Saturday, 25 February 2012


Well Weeny is back from the other family this weekend. basically he cannot be arsed to deal with her at night time - can't be arsed with bathtime or anything like that.  Actual interaction .. hmmm thats a difficult one,. Anyway he wants her again tomorrow. No problem I won't stand in his way.  He wants me to drive to his again to drop her off.  I have done this once already this weekend, not happening again. He will get a text tomorrow saying no petrol as no payday till Wednesday. He can swing. he has money to go to the pub when he pleases at weekends. I don't have the money to spend on take aways and  beer.

Not happpening selfish trout that he is. Will text in the morning he can collect when he likes.  He is getting a weekend off soon as we have cheap London tickets. ( £41.00 return) so he can save his petrol money then.

Weeny happy though. Now watching Ella enchanted on BT vision and about to have a cuddle with me.

B  in Yorkshire to watch the Steel City Derby . We were going to go down but the car needs a service before any long journeys and the train fares were silly prices even when we looked several weeks ago.

have managed to read the first two chapters of the OU course book, Waiting on a phone call from my tutor. Looks ok. Will make notes tomorrow and read ch 3/4 maybe. 
The assignments look ok as well.  Not too silly. However it is an opening s course at first year level I believe.