Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Busy busy busy .. Longtime no blog!

Longtime no blog!


Weeny has homework = less play time for both of us!
Weeny is starving after school = good hearty meal making
Work is mad busy- loving four days and getting loads of stuff done  on Fridays.
Camping - check- went well
Sister visit combined with the above- check - went well
Biggles - check - all fine

Preparations for winter, Christmas and a fifth birthday also going well
Cache of Free cycled BRATZ dolls- 15 of all ethnicity's and skin tones plus boy dolls, a motorbike and horse plus dress up clothes. Birthday pressie sorted!
More bits bought for xmas - candles from Marks and Spencer for £1 from chaz shop. Some recycled unwanted gifts earmarked for xmas gifts. Even Biggles is getting in on the action and has some recycled unwanted gifts to be earmarked for Christmas.

We have items for EBAY- must get this done asap.

We now have extra curtains at the windows, a heater in the bedroom and a quilt on the bed. Weeny and I retire earlier and earlier now that darkness is making an appearance. The days are still reasonable though.

Motor bike- fixed and we have been out together once.

Weeny also starts French after school club. I figure she is at wrap around care might as well make good use of the time. Costs however!!! More skintness sigh!!!!

SKINT - completely
Car - timing belt and exhaust plus car tax and 25 squids for the replacement photo licence!!!!!
French and Swimming lessons all cost.

Weeny now has my stand alone set up for use of www.educationcity.com. She loves it and while she is in the bath she has deigned to allow me to grace its keyboard hence the blogging!

School sodding items - I am supposed to purchase a book bag, PE kit and PE kit bag all from school plus a cardigan for £12, tops for 8.50 each. Errrr I think not and it will be essentials only. School can go swing for all the matching items with silly embroidery on it which is the bit that costs. And they are pants to wash!

Final doctors fertility appt- IVF. Errr not we think. No money and the odds are pants. We knew what was coming and were prepared.. mostly still a bit shit when its official but as someone once said get off your pity pot..... ( they can f*ck off actually) ............and life plods on.... a little brighter a little duller a little darker, a bit windy seasons and seasons and years la de la de la de dah!

A Whimsical Eeeek still eeeking!