Sunday, 19 August 2012

A quick squizz down town...C word used!

We got some fresh air and used Biggles loyalty points in Costa for free coffee. One of the Charity shops is now open on a Sunday. And right at the back is the reduced rail or rather rails. I bagged two new tops for work for 3.50.  Both reduced from silly prices so common in the chazz shop today.

Also for Christmas were some early learning art thing sets at £4 each - brand new. One is for a wee boys birthday and the other to squirrel for Christmas for Weeny.

Bargain! I put a £10 limit on all birthday pressies including card/wrapping etc. I have wrapping in the house suitable for a boy and will purchase a card cheaply for under a £1. Prob get two for 1 as I for see another birthday in December for a girl. I have pressies for her already. Weeny got the same gift twice which will be recycled with a felt puzzle thing. So Boys birthday £4.50 and Girls Birthday 3.50.

I don't go to all of them as I just couldn't afford it. Weenys birthday this year will be a small affair with choice friends and not the all encompassing class birthday which seems so popular.

Ooops just remembered another one - Boy in December. Well may just give him the other early learning pressie if we get an invite.

Have £36 in survey vouchers saved up.

We are well on the way for Weeny's Christmas. Just need to sort out the trampoline big pressie.
I am limiting everyone else ( approx 10) to £10 each. Biggles and I are just doing small as well one off £20 max.

I have Ebay to do and maybe a booty so that's some more of the expense covered.

Bluddy Bugger and poo I 'ates christmas I doo. The grub is cool though but we never spend much over our normal budget so tis very much dooable.

A day for Goodbyes.

The teenager went home today. Biggles leaves later. All I want to do is curl up. Poo. Back to reality.

Weeny is away at the other family which has also annoyed me. He wanted her this week so he could have bank hols to himself. Buggered up all future plans but sod him he will have to deal with it.
better for me if I have her over bank hols we can do stuff rather than have it punctuated by his access time.  We will go away to Scotland most prob.

The teenager was a good distraction from no Biggles and going back to weekends andd routine. I will acclimatise again I am sure especially when the new academic year starts.

Also have shitty PMT and haven't been taking the anti D's at the same time everyday. Will get better, This too shall come to pass... In the words of the wise.

It has annoyed me. He wanted to change weekends. Fair dos can he collect given that its short notice??? No So weeny only gets Sunday 10-4pm
Selfish Selfish. he claims he does not have a car. He only apparently has hi work van. He has a car. Weeny has said she is not to tell me. He thinks he is getting one over on me. FGS he doesn't see that its Weeny that suffers and loses out but if he doesn't have a car then he can blame me for being tight. I might just get rid of my car and see what he does then. Hmmm