Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dilemas Dilemas--- any thoughts???? Any and all welcome

I will do a catch up post as its been nearly a month since I dropped in.

I am  in a major dilemma. I have places for both courses - the three year podiatry degree and the 9mth PGCE.

I swing towards teaching then back to podiatry.  Ahhh It an agonising decision. I cannot defer teaching as the funding will be cut for next year so likely course will not be running.

Podiatry is three years so the sooner I start the better.


I could defer podiatry and save some cash/pay off some debts but to be honest I will be in a similar if not better financial position once a student. Looks as if I will have more cash actually than when working full time, paying council tax and full rent and 30% of my child care fees and commuting 50 miles a day.

In Three years( - well its 33 months to be precise as the last summer does not count!) I will be 42 going on 43. Is there a lot more I could achieve in a year as a qualified podiatrist? IE could I defer for a year save money etc etc It would not help my career as I would be working in a completely different area once studies completed.

 Bugger Bugger Bugger.

Employment prospects I think would be better with podiatry. And I can always take a PCET PGCE if I am that desperate afterwards to work with teenagers. They do keep you young and you have to have a sense of humour.

I would find work after PGCE - I have careers post grad quals that would make me more employable esp in conjunction with PGCE.

Debt accrued via student loans is greater with PGCE 9k + 3k - 12k approx
Podiatry - 6k or there abouts.

However I would get back to work quicker after PGCE and term time would be ideal with weeny girl.

How long term time would be useful - till she is about 13 I suppose.

Podiatry can be part time no probs however not quite term time but how long would that be useful for??? I will be term time as a student for two summers, three Christmas's etc etc

Any thoughts as my head is buckled.

Which would I prefer.... That's equally tough so am looking at the practical side to help me make my decision.

Do I see myself as a teacher.... hmmm I have worked so long in informal ed - youth work and as a careers adviser I am not sure.  Could I work with parents..... other teachers - and there are some stick up their arses in that profession - sorry to my lovely teacher peeps but you know the sort particular to teaching and academics.

Is my grammar good enough - it really needs some work and I only have two chances of passing the QTS maths and |English test.

Maybe the 9 months is a big gamble...... PGCE.

 Smelly feet, pus, festering things - no problem !!!!

Normal Service shall resume soon....

Normal service shall resume shortly. Promise. All ok this end. Hope you are all too.
Thank you for your prayers Christine.