Thursday, 18 August 2011

One small battle won!

I am getting my £54 back from Scottish Power!  Had a rubbish phone call and email from them and thought that was it. I was sorting out my mothers utility bills ( she rents out her house as she is in a home and has dementia) and in conversation with SSE asked what their policy was re meter change form E7 to standard. Well NO CHARGE! Then thought would check with Npower - also no charge. Rang back SP and was put through to higher level of complaints - I mentioned  making official complaint to offer/ofgas. Turns out they can drop charges if they feel it is feasible. My complaint also now including  that advisers tell untruths to customers - lies seem abit harsh as they are only doing/saying what SP have told them. I have in an email - two emails  SP stating  all other utility companies charge - WRONG. And have also been told by now three advisers from SP that all other utility companies charge.  I may also still send a complaint into the regulatory bodies as their claims are untrue and many people would believe them.

Am still changing companies and will look at Npower asap once I have received meter and refund.

Estate AGENTS - Grrrrrr Big battle looming - I have an alternative estate agent lined up - they will market aggressively and advertise to cover mortgage and costs etc however will only accept offers above using the Scottish model. They offer three months to sell then a no fee get out clause. However YOUR MOVE have a 300 Pound fee if you decide to not sell your house anymore/change estate agents  even after a year of no viewings and no offers.   I have asked for clarification re how long they can do this for. Stubborn me would if given the opportunity of taking say for eg a three month hiatus  of selling marketing oct. nov, dec when sales are notoriously slow as a get out clause rather than pay them 300 for nothing!!!  I am waiting for their response to my email. Buggers!!!

Other than that - back to work. Will be leaving later and back to the 5pm finish when term starts.  Took weeny for fish and chips tonight  well Biggles did - He snaffled some home made sausage rolls and cheesy puffs at lunch time.  Weeny has some of my food - fish and chips so costs kept down - lovely. She fell asleep after in the cafe on my lap bless her.

She had such fun on Wed playing with her two friends form next door- she was so so excited to have chums to play at her house!! Hyperventilating nearly!!! She has her other family this weekend. Hmm its supposed to be a full weekend however I know he is off to the Sunderland Newcastle Derby match so it will just be Saturday night. Weeny can play with her chums from next door on sat morning. B  has been ordered to get that machine of his on the road if the weather is nice!! He has missed out a great deal on biking this year due to the shite weather.  I shall make headway with the painting. Its easy enough - paint sponge and magnolia! Maybe some lavender for weeny girls room!!

After that came home and straight to bed- she is next to me. I care not a jot what the super nannies say- its my time and I chose!!!

Good things
Beans from the garden - to be eaten with chicken breasts and potatoes and gravy and Yorkshire puds on Sunday.

Melon and mint sorbet - dead simple recipe also for Sunday

Cheap puff pastry reduced for quick sale - hence the sausage rolls

A cheap camp site sourced in the Scottish borders - £5 PPPN no charge under 5!!! including car!!!
Tibie Shiels St Marys Loch