Monday, 18 June 2012

Apart from the dilemma... well...

Biggles and I had a week off together - whay hey!!! The three of us trundled to Scotland to see my sister and family.

We had planned to do lots of things but my cousins funeral was Wednesday mid week after bank hols. I wanted to go as did my sister so we arranged to fly to Norwich in the morning and back that evening.

Prior to that we had a bike adventure. Weeny stayed with her auntie for treats and jubilee parties.
Biggles and I headed off  on the bike for an adventure all the way to the Kyle of Lochalsh and Skye.
We camped by Eilen Donan ( Sorry not the right Gaelic spelling). It was lovely.  My MOT was due so we headed back to Northumberland on Thursday.  We ate out - three times. Horrendous. but you don't have much options if you are biking.

The funeral was so very very wrong. Surreal as she had taken her own life. The eulogy from her family alluded to this albeit nicelyish but there was tension and blame.

Good to reconnect with other family members but in really shitty circumstances.

It was as I thought - unhappy marriage a huge violent argument with her daughter who apparently had slapped her mother and tore the shirt from her back. She is apparently a very spoilt girl. Likely that her the young daughter will lose touch with her great grand mother and father. Its all very tragic and sad for all and especially my cousin. Not everyone is blessed with strength in the face of adversity. Some keep getting up again and like they say you can't keep a good dog down but not everyone is made of sterner stuff.

It was never appropriate to ask too many questions. We got the gist of it and let people speak but he atmosphere was there.  Wakes are often celebrations of life. This one def wasn't.

Hopefully at peace now and I pray for strength for her parents, sister and children to get through it.

Her sister confirmed that her husband was possessive, jealous, controlling though never violent but moody and had the purse strings but we all knew that from a long time ago and some leopards never change their spots.

But camping by motorbike was ace!!!

I return to my dilemma...... ahhhhhhh lol Will get there. I do need a change though- or at least need to try for a change. I am not ready to settle just yet. There is life in the old dog and she is eager and sniffing  for a new challenge. Which one I really do not know. ha ha