Friday, 14 October 2011

So they came back with 86k. I am taking it an drunning. Will still accrue debt to the tune of approx 2k. It may get worse and I cannot take that risk. At least I can leave with my credit rating intact and the possibility of another mortgage in the  future..... probably not but hey whats wrong with housing association????

Well some of them.....

I am downabout the loss of money and time with weeny girl. I coudl have opted for part time work and mothered her full time rather than three hours a day which is the approx amount of time I spend with her each work day.

I have put most of my goals away accepting that they are not I to be. Not as if I wanted to clinb everest owning of some sort, re training, more than one weeny, financial investment and security etc etc

I can do nothing till I clear the extra debt I shall accrue from selling and moving, solicitors, short fall etc etc. 

We are swimming tomorrow morning then I have a plumber making an appearance to remove taps and sillicone the bath - no more weeny girl overflows or splashes and the downstairs ceiling should hold till I sell.

I have a survey of the house on 24th = am hoping it does not show any faults or bring the price down at all.

I have completed my social housing applications and hope these turn up something soon. renting privately is not great and expensive. I may enquire about any empty houses on the college agricultural site estate.

Am clearing out clutter tomorrow as well - what is to be sold, booted, ebayed etc, enviroclothes.....  Shoudl have quite a bit to get rid of.