Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Normal service to be resumed at some point......

Super busy at work and the horrible word restructuring looms ( yes there is a chance that my role which has a  temp contract may have to be put in the available posts pot due to other looming staff redundancies)....  Sigh oh well have had this before and if all else fails will have my health,  a gorgeous daughter and lovely boyfriend!

Have much to do re DIY in the house. Having a push on trying to sell and unfortunately will be selling at a loss ( if it sells) but I cannot afford to stay regardless.  I am resigned to not getting all of my deposit back - House on market for 99,950 fixed price-  only 1950 more than I purchased it for! 

I have no margin for error in my current financial position even if there are no changes at work and the contract is made permanent - I just do not have enough coming in unfortunately so no buffer zone in case of emergencies and the new car has zapped the savings. I have  £100 left after essential bills outgoings etc. This goes towards car insurance, MOT, servicing, dental, weeny shoes etc etc. Any more hiccups and the financial mire will get me!!! 

Always the option of living in Biggles house when he get posted but I will have to get rid of lots of stuff/furniture  and also add approx 200 to any rental income I get. to meet mortgage, standing charge, insurances.  Renting  the house is very risky as I have no buffer for maintenance or when there are no tenants or to pay for water, standing charges or council tax (- no policy here of no council tax even if a property is left empty even without furniture.)

I am due ( I hope) to have the central heating put in at some point so maybe this will drum up more interest in the house....  This is by government grant. Not  supposed to sell or be selling but this came about after I applied for the grant and was accepted due to finances and having a small child. I may in reality be living here for while anyway.

So peeps short on time and short on money! ( ain't that always the way!)  Weeny girl is desperate to start Ballet and swimming and I feel a bit crap that I have no time or money to do that for her. She is also desperate  to start nursery ( big school). This is another headache as I would have to find alternative childcare for holidays and after school. The school do not currently provide anything. I would have preferred her to stay where she is for additional care for stability but that looks unworkable.

Other than that Weeny girl grand, Biggles grand.... me getting by. Feeling the weight of the single parent thing - not having enough time to parent, responsible for everything and finding it difficult to keep on top of it all. I would really like to be in rented accommodation right now and not have to worry about maintenance or selling or mortgage rates or spend precious time  painting/sanding which could be  spent focusing on mothering. Biggles is a great support. last night I mentioned I should really get some new towels - been a long long time and it shows ( Grubby towels even a boil wash can't change).  The old romantic ( lol) snuck in and left me a full set of new white bath towels which I got when I came in from work.. Bless him. He picks up Weeny when he can and will lend me his hoover and labour when needed. ( His hoover is better than mine)
My poor cats are very neglected and far down the priority list after having their basic needs met.