Friday, 16 March 2012

on meat....

So now the eating of bacon, sausages, gammon - processed meats and also red meats more than occaisionally  is cancer causing.  Well I am poor. I rely on cheaper cuts on a regualr basis and live off ham sandwiches mostly eaten for lunch when I have no leftovers to consume. Weeny loves a hotdog - ( yuk but she also loves white cabbage and cucumber and raw carrot and firm brocoli so am not complaining) I always make sure I eat at least three peices of fruit a day. two pears/an apple ( large) some grapes and do at least one portion of veggies!

So that leaves chicken and tuna... sorry but part from the occaisional tin of salmon and cod/hadddock from the fish shop occaisionaly  thats it! 

Tuna is extortionate at the moment. Even the cheap stuff is 75p a tin!!!   Chicken breast fillets are the preferred cut - Weeny not keen on any other part and a full chicken for even 2.5 people is rather large! The remains go into soup, curries etc

Still we do quorn when on special offer but its not appreciated by the small one or the man. I love it. They tolerate it.

How to eat healthily on a frugal budget... not always easy.  I can eat heartily but healthily with our meat preferences is difficult.

I would be happy eating either tuna or chicken everyday or most often but with a few veggie meals thrown in.

There are 1.5 of us during the week and 2.5 at weekends. Cooking for just over two is a pain in the but - a bit like cooking for three when most recipes are  are for four.

Sigh.. what shall I make for 1.5 people tomorrow!!!


  1. I like meals with pasta and rice, do you eat them? Yesterday I did pasta, with half a tin of chopped tomatoes with spices added to give it flavour. You could put some frozen sweetcorn or peas in, or you could bulk it out with grated carrot or porridge oats. Perhaps mash up some chick peas to fill it out. You don't need to put meat in it.

  2. yes we do pasta and rice. Weeny will only eat plain- rice and pasta. She is not picky so much - will eat lots of veg all separate from each other! Not keen on sauces - a tiny bit of curry ( mild ) etc etc she prefers to be able to dip as required. Def no pasta sauces. Till her tastebuds become more sophisticated we are abit stuck with separate cooking and no spice.