Friday, 16 March 2012

Helllo Again

I am terribly neglectful of my blog these days!!!  London was lovely - even found a few bargains in a chazza Shop for Weeny and I! naughty but fun- mooched around Trafalgar square , Russell Square and Clapham Common and popped into Covent Garden for a look at the buskers and street entertainers. Weeny happy. The shops are obscene!!!  I did remark to Biggles that I like some Karen Millen pieces and LK Bennet. He said I would have to sell everything to wear KM or LK.. I said ha ha I do own LK Bennet shoes and a Karen Millen dress I just did' nt own them first  snigger!

This weekend we are staying at home - B is in London revising for an exam on Monday. He is unmotivated and  a bit grumpy with the whole state of revision affairs.I pondered visiting Scotland but I need new tyres which have to wait to the end of the month.

So tomorrow we will be swimming car booting and gardening and generally catching up on all the bits that need to be done before the working week. No dates for five days yet and nothing from any unis. I have had to change referee for the podiatry application as I have not heard from them in over a week and time is critical for this already late application.

 For the next few months I will have car bills then it will be MOT time. Hopefully the MOT will be fine as I will have had so much work done on the sodding thing.  Car tax not due till later in the year I believe.

Tyres, shock thing - April Service in May then MOT in June.  I can't afford  to do them all at the same time. Not when the brakes cost me $180 Ahhhhhh

Weeny is all obsessed by Disney - visiting it.  I hope to one day but we shall have to wait and see.  Will report back faithfully in the state of the car boot sale! 

The hunt for the dress to wear to the wedding is  ongoing... sigh.. if I find nothing appropriate I will wear my black dress with pearls and  gloves and look all fifties and just a bit like a mourner.

And we need haircuts = pooo! I have no time at work so no cheap college salon cuts.

Watching Barry Squatter and the Skanky Mallows for the millionth time .... I know its a 12a but she adores Doctor Who which I think  can be far scarier! And she says stupify at the telly when a bad dude comes on.  OK Shes been asleep for a while but .... gotta watch the bit where the elf karks it.


  1. Aw, I cried when Dobbie bought it!

  2. I was aww poor dobbie the first time but by the 50th.....sigh... my friends children shout ex smelly armpits at the telly which I find very funny. I am so sad!!!!