Saturday, 3 November 2012

A good sweary

Nothing like ango saxo at the right time!

I happily use all swears and am not prejudiced. I will not discriminate

A blog I quite enjoy as its random is that of Scarcastic Bastard.  Also prone to a sweary especially in relation to animal cruelty.

So just because I feel like it

Buggerbastardtwatshitebollocksfuckityfuckfeckertossernobseeyounexttuesdaypissingbloodyhellwankerypoo and all derivatives.

Was an Eve Ensler kind of girl and have proudly reclaimed 'that' word while sitting in an audience shouting it loud and proud with my sisters. Sharnt say it as it doth offend still and I respect that despite being uncouth and uneducated and moronic and fond of a sweary. Sniff. Such is me scumbag lot!

oh lord I just remembered Bob!


  1. I have been known to reply when THE WORD has been thrown at me "that's right, beautiful and useful" :)

  2. I won't type it here, but it is a beautiful word and often used in Fostermummy towers x I just love me a good ol' bit of anglo saxon!! (and if it's alright with yer followers, I've wiped me bum, had a fart and sniffed some snot today too....

  3. Yes I like the response. Beautiful and Useful oh yes it is!

  4. Ha ha All snotting and scratching and farting welcome!