Friday, 10 June 2011

Big pile of you know what!!!!

I crashed my car. Write off.  Don't ask! I have three points, a fine and injured pride. Everyone ok however. One of those things. PISH PISH PISH. I paid for early MOT, and recently the exhaust - 189 and 161 and tax which I will get back at least Oh and there was 1/2 a tank of fuel left so about 25 quid.  I have now purchased a car for 2k ( Fiat 03 Reg good mileage 30k on the clock) and paid 130 extra insurance.  

My frugal plan has gone down the swanney. Thankfully no one hurt. Weeny likes the new car which is blue.
Biggles has been fabulous - he rescued me and has lent me 1k interest free

I will update tomorrow in more detail. I am really tired.


  1. oh no!!! Nightmare, really sorry to hear about your car, im pleased no one was hurt though. My car has just failed its MOT so waiting to hear what the cost of fixing it will be - bummer :( Scarlett x

  2. Might as well go on a huge spending spree to provide succour at difficult time. Or not!

  3. Relieved no-one hurt; apart from pride obviously. I only learned to drive four years ago (and I'm 42!) so I don't like to drive very far and this kind of thing is my nightmare. Hope something good comes your way to make up for it. P.S. sounds like you've got a good one there in Biggles and I'm not just talking about the interest free loan, I've been following your blog for a while now. ;)

  4. Oh no! Good no-one and nothing hurt except pride though. Good things must be on the way soon x

  5. Thanks girls!!! So so glad no one hurt - I couldn't cope if I had injured someone. Would feel so so dreadful...

    Self esteem taking a bashing but as ever you need to get on with it.

    I was listening with intent to the Mr Monkey and South Tyneside council story on local radio and laughing at Mr monkeys antics ...... before instantly smack!

    Yes Biggles is fab. He has a chest infection as well and could have done with the day in bed. An officer and a gentleman though he would hate that comparision lol

    Money getting in the way of many plans at the moment. Couldn't afford to be together properly with two mortages, debt, child care fees etc etc

    Fingers crossed eh

    Goood luck with the MOT - Cars=Money#
    much lve


  6. I'm so glad that no one was hurt!