Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Should I stay or should I go...... this indecisions bugging me...

Reasons to go!

Opportuity for a new career!
Moving to a cheaper area  for rent, house prices - though am not in a position to purchase at all!
Good time for Weeny to change schools
Takes three years to train  needs to be done sooner rather than later
Better prospects
To be employed is to be at risk to be employable is to be secure

Reasons to stay!

Money - I can save money here and pay my bills
No risks - roof over my head - life is ok
Job is ok -
Paying a pension
Will be working part time
Some suppport locally from friends in the area and further afield though no one particularly close or family

To buy a house in this area I will need to save 10k at least.

I could save this money for weeny for the future. Chuck it in an ISA or something

In three years assuming that I get a job straight away I will be on the same salary as I am now.

Its a risk and hard work.............. indecision indecision......


  1. You're right to think about this in a balanced way - I've never regretted changing career to being an O.T. even when I take into accounttha I moved from the very lucrative financial sector. There were some people on my course however who made huge personal sacrifices to study and it didn't work out financially or from a job satisfaction point of view.

    1. Thanks lg. I know the current job won't be satisfying for ever it happens to be interesting right now but in a year I doubt it.

      My salary will never increase - I have a ceiling and have hit it. And its rubbish lol.

      Now or next year........ hmmmmm one year.... then three years or should I do the OT masters starting Jan 2014..... for 2.5 years.....;-)

  2. Delurking to ask why do you not move in with Biggles?

    I've been a military spouse for over 30 years and only ever lived in married accomodation when we were in Germany. Otherwise we have owned our own home.

    I understand independence but why are you holding back from being with a man you care about? Marriage or partnership or whatever you call it is about sharing not just a bed but finances and a life.

    1. Hi

      He gets shifted every two years also as we aren't having kids then I want something for me to fill that space. I doubt I could move every two years and have a career/job that moved in parrallel to his. Also we would have to get married - both of us have been there done that. We would have bit the bullet if we were doing the family thing and done the paperwork lol. Without that then I need something to fill the hole and we do ok doing the commute thing so far anyway. Am off to London again this weekend. Given his role he will likely be back in the North East at some point before he hits 55.

      RAF is full of people doing long distance thing married and not married. I think it has alot to do with the relatively short time they spend in a posting. 3 years I could cope with but 18 months 2 years is a pain in the but work wise. Though a posting abroad to say Malaysia I may reconsider lol